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LeatherNaturally! – A call to action

Release date: 3/10/2015

LeatherNaturally! is a wonderful concept that aims to promote the beautiful material that is leather.

Over the last couple of years the campaign has enjoyed excellent support through social media and the industry as a whole with much discussion around topics ranging from how to educate not only the consumer but the end suppliers such as brands, retailers and designers.

Leather often comes under attack from organisations that do not seem to be very interested in facts but more in what an attention grabbing headline can do for their membership numbers and in turn revenues. Research has shown that consumers are frequently not aware of what they are buying whether they are hoping for that stunning new couch or the leather they expect in their brand new car.

In light of this, the campaign is launching an ambassador program whereby those who support the campaign through various channels can act as the educator, telling consumers exactly what type of leather they have when making a purchase and in some cases, being able to offer insight into where the leather originated from and the craftsmanship that has gone into producing the finished article.

To do this we need to be able to come together as a supply chain and offer each other mutual support.

The benefits of such a program would run right through from designers, brands and retailersthrough to the tanners and raw material providers. In a recent global digital event a question was put forward from an audience member to the expert panel around how they could find out more about leather, what sources were available? One of the leading leather experts on the panel commented simply “In order to understand leather, I would suggest you need to go all the way back to the hide. You cannot understand leather without understanding the hide”. So this really does need to be a supply chain effort.

The end game is a consumer who is making an informed purchase and is also gaining a much more valuable buying experience. A great way to ensure repeat business! Leather has an amazing history and an amazing back story with the craftsmanship/hard work that goes into producing the beautiful products we see in shop windows. Let’s come together and tell that story.

We already have a number of retailers signed up so please do join as this only benefits the leather supply chain as a whole and in turn your business.

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador for LeatherNaturally! please contact the campaign by clicking here and give your contact information.

There is no cost involved in becoming an ambassador but we should point out that there is also the option to become a LeatherNaturally! member for a small fee which goes towards  supporting the campaign in its efforts and as a member you will get some amazing benefits. If this is of interest then please do state this when making contact. LeatherNaturally! represents tanners and associated companies promoting leather as a high quality sustainable material.