A White Paper View of the Sustainability of Responsibly Made Leather

While it is quite easy to explain what is not sustainable, declaring something to be sustainable is difficult. There is no precise definition of the term sustainable that allows a simple statement of “yes” to the sustainability of a product.

APLF Schedule

The Leather Naturally schedule for APLF is as follows - please note that all are welcome at our Breakfast Seminar on 15 March or to drop by the Leather Naturally Lounge at any time.

Leather Naturally Fact Sheet Available

The Leather Naturally Fact Sheet is now available - it presents as series of truths that are often misrepresented about the leather industry in a straightforward and easy-to-understand format.

Leather Naturally Industry Video Collaboration

A group of European leather industry players, supported by Leather Naturally, have produced a video to promote responsibly produced leather. 

Leather Naturally to Host APLF Seminar

Leather Naturally will host a breakfast seminar as just one of a series of initiatives at APLF 14-16 March 2018. Join us for our breakast seminar, make your mark on the Leather Naturally tree or just drop in to the Leather Naturally lounge to learn more...

Duplicity and hypocritical brands

First published in Leatherbiz, this insightful article by David Peters questions the hypocrisy that suround some materials and clearly sets out the sustainabilaity of a modern and responsible leather industry.

A 'Thunderous Footprint'? Leather Naturally Corrects Guardian Article

The Guardian newspaper recently published an article titled, The Eco Guide to Radical Materials in which it implies that leather has a 'thunderous footprint'. Leather Naturally responds.

What is Bonded Leather?

When a consumer TV piece in the USA needed advice on how to differentiate bonded leather from full grain in response to a quality issue, Steve Lange Director of the Leather Research Laboratory at the University of Cincinnati shared his expertise.

Leather Law in Brazil

When is leather not leather? Brazil is very clear on the facts and has enacted a law that protects its leather industry from materials that use incorrect and confusing terminology.

Leather Naturally Demands Balance

Leather Naturally has responded to the One World article "De leerindustrie kijkt niet verder dan het slachthuis(The leather industry does not look beyond the slaughterhouse) with a demand for a balanced and logical approach.

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