Beginners Pattern Cutting for Bags - Designing Bags in 3D

Beginners Pattern Cutting for Bags - Designing Bags in 3D

5 DAY Practical BAG pattern cutting course

Gain the knowledge to create and design your OWN bag patterns at the Hands of Tym Home Studio in Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK

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This course is ideal for all, from beginners to confident designers/ makers/ crafters. You will learn the basics of pattern cutting for bags through to more complex cutting techniques for multiple shapes, details and techniques. The course will enable you to produce the bags you have been dreaming up and designing into a 3-Dimensional tangible reality. We will explore multiple pattern shapes and you will be able to utilise this to build up your own design. You will be introduced to techniques and materials suitable for accessories including sewing on an industrial sewing machine. This is a perfect introductory course to start your journey into bag and accessory making. Upon completion of your course you will take away the knowledge to bring your designs to life and a set of paper/ fabric mock-ups which can be kept as your reference sample set.
The course covers:
- Pattern types and shapes suitable for each construction type
- Patterns for details and functionality features
- Professional methods and best practice
- Basic pattern cutting techniques
- Pattern design/ development and sequences
- Hands on involvement and demonstrations

Start Date: See website for details of next course
Fees: £ 625,--