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10/28/2021 - International Leather Industry Calls on COP26 to Reduce on Fossil-Fuels, Prioritise Natural Materials

Leather Naturally, along with 28 other international leather industry organizations, today called on the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) to prioritize natural materials as a means of directly mitigating climate impact. The “Leather Manifesto” written by the organizations, challenges the COP26 to recognize the cyclical, climate efficient nature of natural fibers and their potential for a positive contribution to reducing the climate impacts of consumer products.

9/28/2021 - Leather Naturally joins the leather industry in rejecting Swedish carmaker Volvo’s statement that by removing leather from its future electric vehicles cattle production will be reduced.

The announcement wrongly links the use of leather with meat consumption. Leather Naturally expresses its concern about Volvo’s statement, especially with regard to finding high-quality, sustainable and recycled bio-based alternative to leather. 

4/20/2020 - Is Vegan Leather Worse for the Environment? A Response

Harper's Bazaar published a reasoned piece that examines whether 'vegan leather' is more harmful to the environment than real leather. Although the article provided some balance to an ongoing debate, it still contained inaccuracies about leather and leather manufacturing. Leather Naturally has written an open letter with an offer to supply more insight and better access to the facts.

9/12/2019 - Frankfurt Motor Show... are car manufacturers going to be transparent about their interiors?

 As fans gather to witness the unveiling of new car models one question remains – will the car industry have a better understanding of the sustainability of leather versus materials derived from finite resources and be transparent in both its labelling of alternative materials and in its communication with customers?

9/12/2019 - In Fashion Week Season… why designers should look to leather for sustainability

The Fashion industry has been called out for its waste problem, but it can help, not as some seem to think by shunning leather but embracing it.

6/4/2019 - Leather Naturally Passes 100 Member Mark

Following the announcement that it has successfully raised over $1.5m to fund a global campaign, Leather Naturally now confirms that it has over 100 members.

5/20/2019 - Why do car manufacturers think that oil-based fabrics are more sustainable than leather?

The world of automobiles is currently undergoing its biggest period of change since they were first introduced over a century ago.  From that moment they have transformed the way we live, but now the way we live is changing, and the automobile is being forced to adapt. It is appropriate that the industry should rethink all aspects of its production at such a moment, but it is vital that it uses common sense and properly thought out science in doing so. 

4/1/2019 - Leather Naturally Reaches Campaign Goal

Leather Naturally has reached its USD 1.5 million fundraising goal for a global campaign to promote the use of leather.

3/11/2019 - COTANCE and Leather Naturally intensify collaboration

In the last few years, several new initiatives have gained ground in the leather industry, sometimes overlapping but mostly strengthening each other. COTANCE and Leather Naturally will intensify their collaboration for the benefit of the Leather industry and to promote the uniqueness of Leather as a sustainable material. 

1/24/2019 - Leather Naturally welcomes 5 new members 

Leather Naturally announced that it has welcomed 5 new members in the last month of 2018. These new members include Pulcra Chemicals, Siddiq Shafi Group, BLeather, Leathermex and Hermann Oak Leather. 
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