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12/6/2018 - Industry leaders request the industry to stand up and unite to promote leather

Many critical stakeholders in the leather industry have been voicing the need to promote leather internationally on a coordinated way, in order to keep the interest and perception of leather as a unique material, reconnecting the newest generations with those values. 
Leather Naturally has been urged by many of those stakeholder to come up with a plan to positively highlight leather and is now getting ready to implement a digital campaign.


11/26/2018 - A New Communcation Strategy of Leather Naturally

Fundraising by Leather Naturally is under way to start a new communication strategy that will target younger consumers to be reached through social networks.

11/7/2018 - GLC Members Associations Welcome Leather Naturally Initiative

Following a presentation by Leather Naturally of its initiative to promote leather, the member associations of GLCC have extended their support.

2/27/2018 - Europäische Partner in der Lederindustrie unterstützen gemeinsam verantwortungsbewusste Lederherstellung

Das in Kooperation mit Leather Naturally produzierte Video hebt die positiven Aspekte von Leder hervor. Eine Gruppe europäischer Akteure in der Lederindustrie veröffentlichte mit Unterstützung durch Leather Naturally ein Video (German) (English), um für verantwortungsbewusst hergestelltes Leder zu werben. Das Video wurde mit Unterstützung verschiedener Partner in der europäischen Lederindustrie – Gerbereien, Chemieherstellern der Lederindustrie und Modemarken – produziert, um die Eigenschaften des Leders hervorzuheben. 

2/27/2018 - European Industry Partners Join Forces to Promote Responsible Production

Video co-produced by Leather Naturally highlights the positive facts about leather.
A group of European leather industry players, supported by Leather Naturally, just launched a video  (view English) (view German) to promote responsibly produced leather. The video was produced with the support of various European leather industry partners – tanneries, leather chemical manufacturers and brands – to highlight the facts about leather. 


9/28/2017 - GLCC News Release

GLCC calls on Governments for legal protection of the term “Leather” to counter the spread of false and misleading descriptions abusing the term that deceive and confuse consumers.

2/18/2012 - Leather Naturally and the PETA video by Stella McCartney

The leather industry has no problem with a high profile, talented and successful designer such as Stella McCartney using her status to promote sincerely held beliefs. Yet people who have access to the media and can expect to shape the opinions of others must use that power responsibly.
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