Industry Member

Companies active in the leather value chain paying an annual fee to support the Leather Naturally cause.

  • Annual Fee: USD 2,000/--

Media Partner

Media partners supporting the Leather Naturally cause.

  • Contra arrangement.

Associate Partner

  • Partners/individuals who are committed to positivley promote leather
  • Contra arrangement, fee or project investment as appropriate.
  • Leather Naturally is interested to have a seat on the table with associate partners.
  • Leather Naturally is willing to invest time in associate partners in a win-win situation.  

Member Benefits:

  • Inclusion of your company logo on the home page of the Leather Naturally website

  • Inclusion of your company’s logo on the Members panel at the entrance of the Leather Club in APLF and ACLE;

  • Right to use the “Leather Naturally Official Sponsor” logo on all your marketing materials

  • Exclusive access to the Leather Club for representatives from your organisation as well as your customers and associates

  • Access to market research on the Leather Industry and its consumers

  • Access to materials to use when discussing leather with customers 

  • Access to additional material to use with  other parts of the supply chain especially with designers, retailers and some interested consumer groups

  • Access to materials which help answer questions about leather, the chemicals and processes we use

  • Support a body that will confront those who deliberately mislead consumers about leather

  • Access to training material designed for retails and others in the supply chain

  • Ability to link into extensive activity on new media and learn how this may work for your own business


To become a member of Leather Naturally and support our industry, please email your interest including your name, company name, contact details to   

Leather Naturally is an Association established in the Netherlands – Chamber of Commerce registration 72877006