The Serapian family redesigned the interior of this car with their Mosaico leathercraft signature.


Not just a car, no The Lancia Dilambda Cabriolet Carlton BS

It was specifically designed and produced in 1930 for the truly eccentric British Colonel Lieutenant Sir Bernard Montgomery Hall, who requested every single detail to be customized. Lost in 1949, this Lancia Dilambda suddenly reappeared thanks to Mr. Filippo Sole, an Italian who picked Serapian to redesign the interiors with their Mosaico leathercraft signature. 
Third generation of the Separian family is working in the company. Thanks to the hundreds of leathers my family has collected since the Maison was founded, we now have at our disposal one of the widest collection of luxury Italian leathers and materials in the world. Cachemire leather, for example, is an exclusive leather which takes its name from the precious silk known for its softness. Likewise, Evoluzione leather is a combination of artisanal craftsmanship and technology that creates a distinctive texture both resistant and functional."
The-Italian-Serapian-family-,-its-devotion-for-leather2.png  The-Italian-Serapian-family-,-its-devotion-for-leather3.png  

The-Italian-Serapian-family-,-its-devotion-for-leather4.png  The-Italian-Serapian-family-,-its-devotion-for-leather6.png

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Images by Serapian 


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