These are the people who transform leather into something you have to have. Their passion, dedication and commitment, woven together to create the best leather items in the world.

Javier Albanil Mogollon

As a product designer, I have been always intrigued about how things are done, how they work and how they can be improved so, I guess that my final push on becoming a designer has been because of curiosity and trying to improve the current products we find in the market. 

Hommy Diaz

Magnus Alpha was conceived 4 years ago during my 12 year career in the footwear industry having worked for DC Shoes, Palladium Boots and K-Swiss.

Alexandros Vasdekis

My name is Alexandros Vasdekis and I am a women’s footwear designer, and a nature enthusiast ever since I was little!

Billy Tannery

A micro tannery specialising in goat skins is setting an example in sustainable practice.

Fflur Owen

Working with organic materials and combining traditional techniques with modern tools, Fflur Owen creates sculptural forms that have a unique beauty.

The World in Leather

With over 22 years of experience in the leather industry, I have seen a worldwide evolution in how leather is being processed.

Francesco la Rosa

Francesco la Rosa is an Italian contemporary artist who creates hyper realistic works of art on leather using a micro-carving technique.

Viv Fletcher of FizzArrow

At college I initially trained as a domestic product designer, and started my graphics company Fletchers in 1991.

Hirsch & Kirsch

Hirsch & Kirsch make design-led, contemporary leather goods and lifestyle products, incorporating natural materials, traditional techniques and directional design.

Peter Nitz

Peter Nitz launched his brand in 2009 making one of kind, completely handmade luxury leather goods. 

Duke & Sons Leather

The handmade leather products from Duke & Sons Leather are inspired by heritage brands with authentic characteristics, which have been making the same quality products for decades without making any sacrifices to quality and material.

Causse Gantier

Founded in 1892 Causse is an exceptional glove making company that has been built on the expertise of four generations of the Causse family.


Gianni Maitan is a well-known wildlife photographer, a passionate traveler and is so much in love with the African continent. He is also the Managing Director of Gemata S.p.A.

Daines & Hathaway

Established in 1922 , Daines and Hathaway is the quintessential English leathergoods brand and after almost 100 years its heritage products are still handmade in its own workshop in England.

Fairfax Saddles

Fairfax Saddles Ltd combines science and tradition to make innovative saddles, bridles and girths. The company uses scientific research and testing to manufacture products that are proven to improve the competition horse’s performance. 


People love their leather objects. Our mission: To prolong the life expectancy of leather objects and the preservation of the beauty of the natural product leather.

Tärnsjö Garveri

Tärnsjö Garveri employs 50 remarkable individuals with unsurpassed knowledge and experience in the art of vegetable tanning and saddlery. 

Sally Blue

Five years ago, Rosie Sieben, decided to go her own way by creating a new brand called Sally Blue. The incredible journey of a courageous committed entrepreneur started.

Adô Atelier

Dedicated to bags and accessories, the Adô Atelier brand focuses on design, exclusivity, and their principle raw material – leather.

Dirick von Behr

Dirick von Behr (Technical Expert & Historian) heads up the technical department and Smit & zoon, he graduated from the West German Tanners School of Reutlingen and has worked around the world including Sweden and Indonesia.


Marja Baas is owner of 'MYOMY', a company that designs and produces leather fashion items with a conscious spirit.

Bill Amberg

Bill Amberg has been covering anything and everything in leather since 1984. Obviously he finds leather versatile. But more than that Bill uses words for leather that tanners are not accustomed to, like ferocious, acoustic and thermal.

Patricia Motta

Patrícia Motta is a reference in Brazilian leather. She’s a stylist specializing in leather hides, and she creates fashion unlike any you’ve ever seen. Its lightness is extremely feminine.


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