Back to Basics

Back to Basics is published by World Leather to provide an insight into what it describes as a ‘complex and changing industry.’ Leather Naturally is pleased to be able to offer it as a download, in six languages.

Leather is Versatile

Leather is perhaps the oldest form of recycling, with leather manufacturers creating a diverse range of products from tactile glove leather to rugged walking boots, soft leather jackets to durable furniture.

Download this simple infographic from Leather Naturally.

'Leather is the oldest example of recycling...'

The Cotance January 2019 newsletter tackles misconceptions about the origins of leather and using the context of a jacket, sets out a clear explanation of where leather comes from for a new generation. The content is available in English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Hungarian.

Leather Naturally Industry Video Collaboration

A group of European leather industry players, supported by Leather Naturally, have produced a video to promote responsibly produced leather. 

Leather Naturally Fact Sheet Available

The Leather Naturally Fact Sheet is now available - it presents as series of truths that are often misrepresented about the leather industry in a straightforward and easy-to-understand format.

Leather Properties

Leather is a versatile material - this short guide from Leather Naturally sets outs the different properties from softness, to water resistant leathers, explaining each in simple terms. Download PDF

Leather Versatility

A video presenting all the versatility of the bovine sector, of which leather is a big part, is the newest piece of communication to be produced by the Brazilian Leather project.

Leather& Chemicals

Leather UK has released the second in a series of easy-to-understand animations about the leather industry.

The Framework for Sustainable Leather Manufacture

Publsihed by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, (UNIDO) The Framework for Sustainable Leather Manufacture 2019 is a revision of the 2014 version, which examines the concept of leather as a sustainable and safe material.

The Sustainability of Leather  | FAQ

Read more about Leather and sustainability or download the Leather Naturally paper here.


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