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Leather Manufacturers

AI Topper
A third-generation family business spanning six decades, AI Topper has developed from its beginnings as a merchant trader of Raw Sheepskins and Hides in Australia, to its standing today as a market leader, handling all stages of production from Raw Salted Stocks through to Finished Leathers. 

Americana De Cortidos Ltda Y Cia Sca
Americana de Curtidos is a family owned business established in 1968 in Colombia, we are a bovine Leather tannery  producing finished leather for the Shoe, Leather Bags, Automotive and Small Goods industries , we are commited to quality, development of new articles and also taking care of the Environment, our Company has been awarded the Blue Planet Prize due to the high perfomance in our environmental procedures, we export to Europe, South America, USA and Canada. We are certified as ISO 9000 and ISO 14000.

B Leather
At B’ Leather Company, Inc. our goal is to passionately make the world’s best leathers and splits at competitive prices while being environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. We have the knowledge, capability and facility to serve the footwear, furniture, accessories, sporting goods, and automotive crust markets.

Headquartered in Göppingen, Germany, Bader is a leading international manufacturer of premium leather for the automotive industry with sites in nine countries on five continents producing finished leather, cut parts and leather seat covers for the major automotive manufacturers round the globe.

Casino Hide Tanners
Established in 1975, Casino Hide Tanners (CHT) was one of the first tanneries in Australia dedicated to the tanning of cattle hides for export. Over the years, additions to the tannery have made it one of the larger installations in Australia.

Conceria Montebello
Conceria Montebello produces bovine leathers, full grain and suede for the fashion sector. Both basic and sophisticated articles are designed and produced in collaboration with the most prestigious brands, suited for clothing, leather goods, footwear and interior design. Running since 1967, exporting in 3 continents.

Couro Azul - Ind. E Com. De Couros S.A.
Integrated in the Carvalhos Group, a reference in the tanning industry since 1939, our tannery Couro Azul employs a total of 600 professionals and is specialized in tanning and finishing cowhides for transports – automotive, railway and aeronautical industries.

CPL Group Public Company Limited
CPL is a one of world class leather tannery based in Samutprakarn, Thailand.
Products are cow finished leathers including cow split leathers as well. Product ranges from aniline leather, pigmented leather, oiled leather, waterproof leather and etc, thru to split suede and finished splits.

Durli Couros
Durli Leather Group was founded in 1960 and today is one of the main Brazilian wet blue and crust producers and exporters. It has six sites in Brazil and one site in Paraguay. 

Ecco Leather
ECCO Leather develops highly progressive leathers for some of the most iconic contemporary designers and brands within the footwear-, soft goods and leather goods industry. The company operates from award-winning facilities across Europe, Southeast Asia and the Far East , all scaled to cope with the growing customer needs.

Futura Leathers Spa
Futura Leathers Spa are based in the north of Italy, and are specialised in the production of the top quality Italian leather for furniture. We have earned our excellent reputation through our reliable service and competitive prices. 

Gruppo Mastrotto
Founded in 1958 in Italy, Gruppo Mastrotto is a multinational company specialized in the production of bovine leather for footwear, leather goods, upholstery, automotive, nautical and aviation industries. With more than 60 years of experience in leather manufacturing, Gruppo Mastrotto operates through its plants in 4 continents.

Guangdong Tannery
Guangdong Tannery believes that a healthy environment is human right and we are committed in producing EcoCare Leather chrome free and metal free cow leather. The sustainable leather project will improve the environmental threats in China tanning industry. 

GST Autoleather
GST AutoLeather - GST / Seton / Cuinba has over 200 years of combined service to the automotive industry, offering innovative solutions and high quality product.

Halo Touch
High quality, vintage inspired leathers.

Established in 1891 and located in Wegberg, Germany. Makers of high quality leather exclusively from domestic raw material.
Heller Leder
Established in 1920, tanner and producer of fine leather for furniture and fast cars.

Hermann Oak Leather
Louis Charles Hermann started tanning in 1881 to handle the local harness trade and to supply the wagon trains of settlers travelling west along the Lewis and Clark trails.
Later on using the firm's detailed knowledge of speciality vegetable tanning, he expanded into a range of leathers each of which share the superior tooling, carving, and molding characteristics leatherworkers have come to value.

Hung Fu Leather
Hung Fu Leather Co., Ltd is the new standard in the field of cow suede and are innovating the way leather is manufactured by giving the best quality leather within shortest lead time.  Using latest technology and adopting industries best practices, we provide high quality leather to all our esteemed clients, making us the preferred first.

ISA TanTec
Founded in 1995, Isa TanTec has four modern tanneries located in Vietnam, China, USA and Italy. Specialising in footwear leather, it is known for its LITE (Low Impact to The Environment) trademark leathers.

JBS Couros
JBS has a vertical structure from farms to leather, with a control of the supply chain and global distribution structure that results in sustainable and reliable practice.

Krumenauer SA
Established in 1911, Krumenauer is specialized in full veg and semi-veg. leathers for shoes, belts, handbags and general leathergoods.
Producing Brazilian, US and European raw material we keep improving in all aspects to offer our customers the best possible leathers in harmony with the environment.

Kenny Co. LTD.
Established in 1981, Kenny has been producing high quality leather for sports and dress gloves.
The factory is located in Malaysia and will mark the 30th anniversary this year.

KKSK International
KKSK International (M/s KKSK Tanning Co Pvt Ltd) is an LWG Gold Rated, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certified Leather Manufacturing company, processing Raw Bovine to Finished Leathers. Started in 1982, the Group has been pioneers in Clean Technologies, with Patented Raw to Wet Blue processes, and also are heavily invested in Renewable Energy Sector, particularly Wind Power. Fusing modern technologies with traditional expertise in perfect rhythm, the group had been trend setters in the Leather Manufacturing industry for several decades and continue to do so".

Law Tanning
Law Tanning Company is an international leader in the production of fine leathers. Located in Milwaukee, WI, Law Tanning Company is the most diverse leather producer in North America, tanning cowhide (grain and splits), genuine American bison, pig, deer, elk and kangaroo. 
Law produces both grain and crust finished leather. With a diverse customer base, Law produces leather for a range of industries including footwear, fashion accessories, sporting goods, glove and industrial and small leather goods.

Leer Chem India Private Limited
Leer Chem is formed by qualified leather technologists. The Group offers complete leather making solutions to tanneries and do this with innovative and sustainable technologies of Smit Group. We aim to offer solutions that make a positive difference to the leather making value chain by being simple to use, create superior value and support to sustainably shape the future of our leather industry.

Minerva Leather
Minerva Leather is a global company from South America, one of the world largest wet blue suppliers, producing its own hides with innovating sustainable focus.

Started in 1979, is dedicated to develop, produce and commercialize chemicals for leather industry and other industrial fields. The product line for leather sector covers chemicals for all stages, from beamhouse, tanning up to the wet end.
National Beef
National Beef® is a leader and innovator in the Wet Blue Leather processing industry. From a secure source of premium cattle, its innovative processing and plant technology, and a commitment to environmental responsibility, it is proud to deliver a reliable supply of the premium Wet Blue Leather.

Natural Chamois 
Expert tanners and suppliers of 100% biodegradable, Natural oil tanned Sheepskin Chamois Leather and Pickle, Crust and finished Skivers globally. We provide a full turnkey service to major retailers including branded packaging solutions and fulfilment to distribution centres.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of the VanDrie Group, Oukro focuses on the production of calf skin from its own chain for footwear and leathergoods. 

Packer Leather
Established since 1891, Packer Leather is recognised worldwide for high performance Kangaroo Leather, creating custom made solutions for global brands specific leather needs. 

Established in England in 1826, specialists in technical and performance leathers for gloving and footwear with manufacturing of leather, leathergoods and gloves in the UK and Ethiopia.

Prime Asia
Manufacturers of high quality lifestyle and sports inspired leathers for the global branded footwear, apparel and leather goods markets with facilities in China and Vietnam.

Rathnam Leathers 
We are leading manufacturers and exporters of a wide range of Suede Leathers. Main motto of our company is “Finest Quality Products in Timely Delivery to the Esteemed Customers”.

Rompa Leder BV

Rompa Leather is a part of the SOPRACO-GROUP. We have an extensive vertical integration: from farm to finished leather. For over 110 years Rompa Leather specializes in the processing of bovine leather for the bag-, furniture- and shoe-industry.
With production facilities in the Netherlands and Italy, we offer a wide range of possibilities.

Operating out of South America and Asia, Sadesa specialises in the production of bovine leather for footwear, leathergoods and upholstery.

S.B. Foot Tanning Company 
S. B. Foot Tanning Company is a side leather tannery, operational since 1872.  The tannery is a wholly owned subsidiary of Red Wing Shoe Company and is the managing partner of the through-the-blue contract tannery, Twin City Tanning Company, LLP.  S. B. Foot specializes in high quality full grain, corrected grain, American-style oiled and/or waxed, waterproof, non-waterproof and specialty leathers for shoes and accessories.

Scottish Leather Group
Scottish Leather Group comprises four leather manufacturing companies and a technology company. They produce specialist leathers for automotive, aviation, marine, furniture, shoe and leathergoods.

Siddiq Shafi Group
Siddiq Shafi Group is a premier business group of Pakistan. It consist of Siddiq Leather Works Pvt Ltd (leather manufacturing), Shafi Pvt Ltd (shoes manufacturing), SRC Pvt Ltd (chemicals manufacturing) and Urbansole (shoes manufacturing).

Simona Tanning
After 10 years of experience on American Life Style Leathers, in 2015 Simona Tanning decided to expand its strategy into other business segments as Casual Shoes, Women's Dress and White Leathers. 

Slovtan Tannery
Since 1997 leathers have been processed here by the German company Schafstall Group. In 2005, SlovTan Contract Tannery was established which is a member the Schafstall Group.
Currently, SlovTan is the only company in Slovakia which has the manufacturing programme covering the entire process from entry of raw hides up to the dispatch of finished leathers.
About 150 metric tons are processed daily into : wet blue, wet white, wet green, crust, finished leathers for furniture, automotive and aircraft industries, footwear, case leather, special articles such as - kangaroo hides - splits

Established in Germany in 1979 and specialising in the production of raw hides through wet blue and wet white to finished crust leather.

Super Tannery
Set up 1953, Super Tannery is one of the oldest tanneries in Northern India, and commands a high reputation in the world markets. It has established an important position for itself in the global supply chain of leather and allied products. The key product lines for the company include Finished Leather on Buffalo and Bovine Hides, Footwear for Safety, Combat, Formal and Lifestyle uses, Leather Bags and Leather Belts.

Leading international supplier of a broad range of leather and leather working tools as well a being a resource for kits and teachning supplies.

The Tasman Tanning Co. 
Tasman Tanning based in New Zealand producing wet blue from locally sourced green hides.  Further processing continues into finished leather for the finest  footwear, automotive, upholstery and gloving leathers.
Teh Chang
Teh Chang is focused on the manufacture of leathers for the global lifestyle and footwear markets.

The Nugget Company
The Nugget Company story began four generations ago in ranching and lamb production. While our commitment to family, tradition and quality remain the same, our focus today is on the many fine products made from sheep and lambskins.

Tong Hong Tannery
Tong Hong Tannery Group was founded in 1990 by President Michael Shih and has been guided by Chairman of the Board Yang Zheng of Ty Che Group. It is through their vision that Tong Hong Tannery has become the largest split leather producer in the world, with production bases in Vietnam, Guangxi and Indonesia. Tong Hong Tannery strives to consistently deliver quality services to the largest footwear brands in the world at an affordable price. 

Trevino S.A. de C.V.
We are speciliazed in footwear/automotive/upholstery. Specialize in meeting any technical features required by your manufacturing process. Our secret is to make the exact product that the customer needs in order to fulfill their needs perfectly.
Treviño S.A. de C.V. recognizes that in order to be a successful company in the long term it is imperative that we care for our Environment, our Economy, and above all, our Society and efforts on these areas will develop a Sustainable organization. Compromises towards Sustainability

Weinheimer Leder GmbH
Weinheimer Leder is a leather producer, specializing in high grade calf leathers. Having emerged from the Freudenberg group in 2003, we are looking back at over 150 years of experience in manufacturing leather. We offer high-quality calf leather for the production of luxury bags, footwear and leathergoods. Our high standard products are appreciated by famous brand producers worldwide.

Headquartered in Wollsdorf, Austria. Leather manufacture for the automotive industry and specialist in upholstery leather, aircraft leather and leather clothing.

Wolverine Worldwide Leathers
Wolverine Leathers is the global leader of Performance Leather derived from pigskin and offers an array of performance features, colors, weights, and varieties. Wolverine Leathers specializes in working with designers, developers and sourcing specifiers to determine the best leathers to meet their footwear manufacturing requirements.

Xinji City Meihua Leather Co. 
Xinji City Meihua Leather Co., Ltd. is one of the biggest enterprises specializing in the production and distribution of both domestic and foreign finished leather and leather clothing. 

Chemical Companies

French Designer and Manufacturer of chemicals for the leather industry, from beamhouse to finishing. ATC has worked for over 40 years producing speciality chemicals and technological concepts to provide their partner tanners with the means to meet the important challenges of innovation and environmental regulations.

Atlas Refinery Inc.
Atlas has been a leader in developing and marketing high-quality, environmentally friendly fatliquors and specialty chemicals in the leather industry since 1887.  Through five generations of family ownership, Atlas has maintained a careful and continuous study of industry trends, providing our customers with a competitive edge in tomorrow’s marketplace.”

Buckman brings proprietary chemicals, industry knowledge, and collaborative problem-solving to leather processors around the world in order to bring better quality leathers to market.

Chemtan Company Inc. specializes in developing and promoting waterproofing products for all kinds of leathers, and also maintains a full line of products for processing leather from beam house through finishing. 

FGL International
Figli di Guido Lapi (FGL International) was set up with the aim of producing auxiliary chemical tanning products with a high added value. It has over sixty years experience of creating technical solutions to improve the tanning process.

Forestal Mimosa
Suppliers of premium African Mimosa extracts 

GSC Group
An Italian company located in the tanning area of Arzignano (VI), world capital of the industry sector, GSC Group develops and produces chemicals for different sectors of the tanning industry, including re-tanning, fatliquoring and finishing.

Specialty chemical company with global reach and production.

Leather Quimica
Leather Quimica is a chemical company specialized in the design, production and trade of chemicals products for the tanning industry. Our technology allows us to offer a complete range of specialty chemicals for the manufacture of leather and compete with the most reputable products in the market over 20 countries throughout.” 
Mimosa Extract Company
Suppliers of Mimosa extract from South Africa

Pulcra Chemicals
Pulcra Chemicals is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative specialty chemicals for the fiber, textile and leather industries. 
Pulcra is creating added value for its customers by creating solutions that determine the look, touch and feel and adding functionality to our customers’ materials, delivered by our team of 300 engineers from our 13 locations across the globe. 

Samia SPA
Samia a solid company  was founded in Arzignano (VI) in 1976, which over the years has become a world leader in the production of pigment pastes and auxiliary products for leather finishing in the sectors of garments, shoe upper, leather goods, upholstery and automotive. 
Sarchem Chemicals produces high quality leather chemicals that the leather sectory always needs, in its modern production facilities located in Instanbul with the most recent technology.

Silvateam is a world leader in the production, commercialization, and sale of plant based extracts, tannins and their derivatives. Backed by the experience gained throughout their 160 years of history, it is committed to continuous improvement and focusing on quality and innovation with a focus on envrionmental conservation and the correct use of resources.

Smit & Zoon
Developer and producer of chemicals used in the manufacturing and finishing of leather for shoes, cars, furniture, clothes and bags.

Specialist in process chemicals for leather and other substrates for the automotive (and other transportation), industrial application, interior design, leisure & lifestyle and apparel & accessories industry.

Established in 1948, specialist in the production of vegetable tanning extracts and black wattle wood chips.

A global organisation specialising in chemicals for the leather industry with a focus on innovation and environmental best practice.

A global leader for quality leather chemicals and innovative technical expertise from beamhouse through to finishing.

Zschimmer & Schwarz
Founded in 1894, development, manufacture and delivery of tailor-made chemical auxiliaries for the leather industry and others.

Media Partners

APLF has dedicated 36 years to organising leather and fashion trade shows, attracting 60,000 visitors annually and providing the venue for first-rate business and networking amongst exhibitors, buyers and industry professionals.

ARS Tannery

ARS Tannery was founded in 2010, inheriting the legacy of the historical magazine Tecnologie Conciarie. Currently it's one of the most successful magazines in the world, media partner of IULTCS collaborating with the most imporatant Italian associations sucha as AICC, UNPAC and the Italian Leather Research Institute.
ARS Tannery supports since the beginning Leather Naturally to promote the use of leather as a natural and sustainable material. 

Since 1975, Hidenet has been  providing expert analysis and accurate leather prices giving leather industry professionals the crucial information they need.

International Leather Maker (ILM) is the leading multi-platform media service for the global leather supply chain. Available in print, digital, online and via social media it covers the global leather industry with a core focus on tanners. ILM is available via an app for Android and Apple devices and is optimised for use on a desktop, tablet or smartphone as well as in print.

Leather Age
LEATHER AGE (LA) India’s Leading Monthly Magazine devoted to leather, footwear & its Allied Industries since 1978 circulated all over the Globe with latest news and business information service provider to the world leather industry delivering content multi-platform across paper print & online media. 
LEATHER AGE reaches the cream of the Industry and Trade in India and Overseas countries. COME,GROW WITH LEATHER AGE…!!!!

Established in 1867, Leather International is the standard-bearer for leather industry news and information, covering one end of the value chain to the other. From news, in-depth profiles, technology & chemical advancement and market reports, the monthly magazine and sister website,, serve as sounding boards for the successes and evolving challenges of this rich and dynamic industry.

LederPiel is the only Spanish magazine specialized in the tanning industry since 1986. This publication offers all information to know breaking news, fashion trends, new technologies, and trade fair information about the leather world.

Is the only German language leather trade journal, covering the German speaking leather community, worldwide.

Tannery is an international media focussing on leather & raw materials, chemicals & sustainability, tanning technology & innovation.
Pubblication for tanneries and leather sector, Readership includes tannery owners and managers: leather technicians; chemists; machinery suppliers; upholstery, automobile and clothing industries; leather buyers and international traders.

World Leather
World Leather, established in 1987, is the world’s leading magazine for the leather industry. Published six times a year and three times in Chinese, it is essential reading for tanners, leather traders, manufacturers and the wider industry and includes technical papers, country commentaries and reports. It also features the highly acclaimed Tannery of the Year awards programme, which highlights the best examples of tanneries across the world that have built the principles of corporate social responsibility into their way of working.

Hide & Skins


A+B Hides GmbH & Co
A+B Hides is a merger of two medium-sized German hide wholeselling companies, each with more than 50 years of tradition and experience. A+B Hides collects fresh cattle hides in Germany and processes them under their own supervision in several production units spread over Germany. 

AI Topper
A third-generation family business spanning six decades, AI Topper has developed from its beginnings as a merchant trader of Raw Sheepskins and Hides in Australia, to its standing today as a market leader, handling all stages of production from Raw Salted Stocks through to Finished Leathers. 

Established in 1926, ARGOLANDA B.V. is a trading company based in Rotterdam that has a worldwide trade in buying and selling hides and skins.

Bank Bros & Son Ltd
Based in Toronto, Canada and founded over 60 years ago, Bank Bros is a processor of USA and Canadian hides and skins.

BestHides GmbH
BestHides is a globally active supplier of chilled & wet salted hides and wet salted calfskins from north, central and south Germany. Whether for high-class smooth grain leather articles in car interiors, for finest shoe- and garment-leathers or furniture leather, the product portfolio of BestHides provides a huge range of German and European hides and skins.

Chief Movement Ltd. Hong Kong / Entire Co Ltd Taiwan
Based in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China as a specialist of wet blue material for more than 40 years.

Specialist for the supply of hides and skins from New Zealand and Europe.

Harland M. Braun & Co
For over 60 years Harland M. Braun & Co. has been a leading supplier of high quality cattle hides and skins to tanners worldwide.

Hason International Limited
Is a Chinese-American joint venture company. We specialize in the South American, Asian & Egyptian leather trade. Our company deals with the world’s top slaughter houses and tanneries, acting as sales & purchasing agents and as traders. Hason International has global offices with country specific inspectors, technicians, freight forwarders & mediators to assure quality controlled shipments & front line problem resolution.

Lamipel is a leading trader in wet-blue splits and hides as well as being the founding member of the International Leather Split Group.

Minerva S/A
Minerva Leather is a global company from South America, one of the world largest wet blue suppliers, producing its own hides with innovating sustainable focus.

Nick Winters Hides & Skins 
Nick Winters Hides & Skins division is a leading supplier of quality European Hides & Skins since 1992. The division incorporates subsidiaries in France, Ireland, the UK and Italy
We work with the largest industrial abattoirs and tanners in order to best satisfy all your raw and semi-finished leather requirements.”
Olivieri Pellami SRL
Olivieri Pellami is a mediation agency that has been offering into market for over sixty years (since 1946) both bovine as buff leathers, coarse ones, wet – blue, wet – white and crust, that are ideal and suitable for all different leather processing made into tanneries. This is the 3rd. generation in leather business. Their head office is in Arzignano but we have an office also in India and Brasil we work with South and Central America, Europe and India.

With more than 25 years of history, Vancouros offers Wet Blue, Scrape, Semifinished. In addition to by-products such as: Chalices Stewed, Knows and Meat Flour. Everything is prepared in a state-of-the-art industrial complex with state-of-the-art equipment and an extremely qualified team to deliver the best product to the customer.
Their strict policy assumes a commitment to the environment. They practice several procedures to make the company more sustainable every day.


University of Northampton, Institue for Creative Leather Technologies
The Institute for Creative Leather Technologies (ICLT) is a unique centre embedded within the University of Northampton delivering world class leather education, professional training and innovative research projects, both large and small. The ICLT attracts students from around the globe, enrolling on undergraduate, postgraduate and Doctoral level programmes, all of whom are important in maintaining the skills sector with the value chain.


AHSLEA (Australian Hide Skin & Leather Exporters Association Ltd) is a voluntary trade association whose membership comprises the major exporters of Australian cattle hides, calf skins, sheep and lamb skins, kangaroo skins and goat skins. Members account for approximately 90% of the Australian hide/skin production and in the vicinity of 95% of the exports of raw/wet blue hides/skins. The Association, as a national body, is a member of the International Council of Hides, Skins and Leather Traders’ Associations (ICHSLTA) and plays an active role in the business of the Council."

APIC is the Portuguese Leather Industry Association representing the Leather Chain in Portugal.

Acexpiel Asociacion Espanola Del Curtido
ACEXPIEL, the Spanish association. We are the representative body for the leather industry in Spain. 

Conseil National du Cuir
Created in 1948, the National Leather Council is the inter-professional organisation of producers and users of leather and, by extension, all those involved in the production, use or retail of leather. Organised as a Confederation, it brings together 20 federations and professional unions from the French leather industry.

A non-profit organisation established to promote the interests of the European tanning industry at international level. The official website for the European leather industry, hosts statistics, a tannery database and a range of informative articles and industry information.

CTIC - Centro Tecnologico das Industrias do Couro 
CTIC is the Technological Centre for Leather in Portugal, established since 1994, assuming a predominant role in the implementation of new technologies and processes, in research and development, environment preservation, management systems and training and educational issues. It has accredited laboratories for chemical analysis, physical and mechanical tests, a pilot plant, and it is the National Standardization Body for Leather, participating in CEN.

ICHSLTA is the International Council of Hides, Skins and Leather Traders Association. It represents the interests of the hide, skins and leather trades of more than 30 countries. It is the only international body of its kind. Founded in 1929 as a non-political organisation, its principal objective is the promotion, development and protection of the international trade in raw hides, skins and leathers.

LASRA is the independent research association of the New Zealand hide, skin and leather processing industry. Its role is to guide and support the Industry’s vision for sustainably produced premium quality hides and skins for export through targeted research and technology transfer.”

Leather Cluster Barcelona
The global and transversal net for leather value chain of Barcelona region, as an unique ecosystem for competitive business cooperation on research, education, circular economy, design and communication around the Catalan leather industry.
A cluster guided  by values: Competing companies cooperation; Quality and business excellence; Circular economy and sustainability; Transparency and communication.

Leather Engineers & Technologists Society Bangladesh
Leather Engineers and Technologists Society, Bangladesh (LETSB)’ is a professional organization of Leather, Footwear and Leather Products Engineers of Bangladesh, established in 1989 and the number of members are 1225. LETS'B upholds the interest of the members by practicing sound technical matters for the industry; to organize technical seminar/workshop; to create awareness about compliance and social aspects; to assist Govt. and Non-Govt. organizations by providing authentic technical support.

Leather UK Federation
Trade association for the UK leather industry.
Leather Industries of America, representing the American tanner and supplier since 1917.

Nothing to Hide
A collection of essays that explain different aspects of the science, technology and ecology that underpin the modern leather industry.

PTA - Pakistan Tanners Association
Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA) is representing the large conglomeration of leather manufacturers and exporters and playing a viable role in promoting the export of leather and leather products.   

Skin Hide and Leather Council South Africa (Shalc)
The Skin Hide and Leather Council of South Africa is the industry body that represents the Hide, Skin and Tanning Industry in South Africa.

The Society of Leather Technologists and Chemists is a non-profit International Society serving the leather sector and dedicated to the future of the leather industry.

Tannery of the Future
Tannery of the Future is a sustainability checklist for tanneries and their buyers. Focusing on three major topics: business operations, the environment and workers’ rights, its completion will give tanneries or their buyers a useful insight into whether or not the tannery is future-proof and fit for production of sustainable leather. The tool can be downloaded free of charge.

TILA - Taiwanese International Leather Association
The members of the association include the tanneries of China in Vietnam and Thailand, producers of tanning machines, chemical suppliers and agents, distributors of raw materials and environmentally friendly companies.

Thai Tanning Industry Association
The purpose of this association is to help our members with technically enviromental and industrial waste issues. Furthermore we help our members with international trade. 

VDL (Verband der Deutschen Lederindustrie - German Leather Federation)
The Verband der Deutschen Lederindustrie e.V. (German Leather Federation) (VDL) considers itself a service provider for the entire leather sector. Protecting and representing the economic and political interests of leather producers is our primary mission.


Bauce company is the leader on realization of through feed sammying and setting out machinery for tannery industry, focus on wet blue, wet white and dyed leather. Certified with Industry 4.0 technology, Bauce 100% Made in Italy brand is synonymous of the harmony between Tradition and Innovation.


Cartigliano is the leading company since 1961 for leather drying technologies. Since the beginning, the Italian Company focused its production in the manufacturing of Vacuum Dryers, Staking and Conditioning machines. Starting from its drying know-how and expertise, in the last two decades Cartigliano developed new leather drying systems through high frequency technologies (for both crust and finished products) as well as drying systems for the treatment of industrial and civil sludges.

Cartigliano Technologies are studied to grant an added value on clients’ production, with high quality leathers, maximum yield, constancy and consistency, extremely short production cycles.

Hardy UK Ltd.
Hardy has remained at the forefront of evolving technology in blade design and manufacture for the global leather industry. The legacy of this pursuit is the quality inherent in our comprehensive range of blades for leather, shaving fleshing and splitting.

Heusch GmbH
Heusch. That’s almost 170 years experience in manufacturing blades and developing individual cutting solutions. For the leather and textiles industry. Heusch stands for top quality, reliability and innovation. The will to go forward, to seek better solutions, to optimize processes and to help customers worldwide with all problems concerning mechanical cutting, that’s what drives us forward.

Headquartered in Germany, Incotec specialises in connectivity and is the creator of the TanWare® product portfolio that supports the leather industry in terms of process automation, measuring and dosing systems, machine controls and work flow demands.

Established for 40 years, with customers all over the world, is one of the leading italian manufacturers for the following lines of equipment:
POLYPROPYLENE DRUMS, testing drums, water and chemical dosing systems, tannery process automation, overhead chain conveyors and drying plants, dry milling drums, special equipment for sole leather tanneries WASTE WATER TREATMENT PLANTS, CHROME RECOVERY PLANTS, air treatment plants."


Gentilin Sergio S.R.L.
Gentilin srl is a brokerage agency that, thanks to an award experience, offers negotiation and selection of every single hide before shipment , based on standard specifications and/or agreements between customer and supplier.

Testex AG
Founded in 1846, TESTEX is an independent Swiss testing and certification institute with the focus on textile and leather testing. Sustainability, transparency and ethical standards are core principles to which TESTEX, as a part of the OEKO-TEX® association is committed.


Fletcher International Exports Pty Ltd.
Fletcher International Exports is one of Australia’s  most integrated processors and exporters  of lamb and sheep meat products.  A private, family-owned company,  Fletcher International operates two highly efficient processing  facilities:  one located in Dubbo, New South Wales; and the other near Albany in Western  Australia. These two plants have a combined processing  capacity of more than 90,000 sheep and lambs per week, which equates to over 4.5 million head per year.

'Raising the world's expectations for how much good food can do." Operating in 130 countries, with a purpose to make great food and make a difference.


Steel Blue
We are a global premium safety footwear manufacturer and wholesaler.
We have distribution in Europe, USA, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand and have been in business since 1996. We stand behind the comfort and quality of our work boots with our 100% Comfort Guarantee.