How the leather for a car interior is made

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Leather is a by-product from the meat industry

Thanks to Diana Rodgers of Sustainabledish - Sacred Cow for the amazing infographic, which shows leather’s place as a by-product from the meat industry.


Real Leather is Greener than Imitations

Processing hides from livestock into leather is one of the oldest practiced forms of recycling. Hides are natural and inevitable by-products of meat and diary consumption. In fact, in the U.S., every hide used in leather production comes from animals raised for food; the leather industry does not slaughter a single animal. Rather, the industry purchases these hides - which other wise would go to waste - and transforms them into durable, versatile and beautiful real leather. 


The Restory

One of the most enduring of all leather qualities is its longevity, it ages beautifully and well-made products can pass from generation to generation. 


Peterson & Stoop

Jelske Peterson and Jarah Stoop are the names behind the brand Peterson & Stoop - a duo that is taking a pioneering and sustainable approach to footwear production and design.

Leather and the circular economy

Influential institutions such as the European Commission realise the way we make and use products is going to have to shift from a linear model to a circular one in order to meet targets for keeping global warming at a manageable level. What they may not have realised yet is that at least one sector, leather, is already a perfect fit for the circular economy model.

Global Design Competition

A Global Design Competition is running, organized between the Leather and Hide Council of America and the China Leather Industry Association.

Longchamp CEO defends name “leather”

International Leather Maker published from the French magazine Madame Figaro an interview with Jean Cassegrain, grandson of Longchamp’s founder and General Manager of the company, said he refutes ‘greenwashing’ and there is no such thing as ‘vegan leather’.

Marketing concepts and innovative ideas for the leather sector

Our media partner ILM published an interesting podcast about:
Marketing concepts and innovative ideas for the leather sector.

New video from Boxmark

Leather - a recycled product with ecological value. Boxmark has released a new video explaining the importance of leather as a recycled product. The short two-minute piece clearly sets out the need to utilise the hides that are a by-product of the meat industry.

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