Longchamp CEO defends name “leather”

International Leather Maker published from the French magazine Madame Figaro an interview with Jean Cassegrain, grandson of Longchamp’s founder and General Manager of the company, said he refutes ‘greenwashing’ and there is no such thing as ‘vegan leather’.

Marketing concepts and innovative ideas for the leather sector

Our media partner ILM published an interesting podcast about:
Marketing concepts and innovative ideas for the leather sector.

New video from Boxmark

Leather - a recycled product with ecological value. Boxmark has released a new video explaining the importance of leather as a recycled product. The short two-minute piece clearly sets out the need to utilise the hides that are a by-product of the meat industry.

Nobody passes on their t-shirt to their grandchildren..

Slightly Alabama designs and manufactures limited quantity leather goods in West Village, NY. Metcha interviewed Creative Director, Dana Glaeser about making what he loves, and where he finds inspiration.

LVMH: Luxury & sustainability go hand in hand

LVMH has published LIFE2020: Four objectives towards environmental excellence as part of its ongoing programme of embedding sustainable development throughout the business.

Fighting lazy reporting

International Leather Maker writer Isabella Griffiths has published an article that calls out mainstream media for lazy fact checking and seeming to 'peddle a sensationalist anti-leather agenda with half-fictions, poorly cobbled together assumptions and claims without context or proper research.' The full artcle is reproduced below, with thanks to ILM. 

Leather UK rights the wrongs

Leather UK has responded to a report on the BBC wesbite from 10 September 2019, which made some inaccurate claims about leather and leather manufacturing. It is important that consumers are better informed so that they can make the choices that are right for them and Leather Naturally reproduces the response in full below.

Don't fabricate an attack on leather

The article published in the Guardian blaming leather for fuelling Amazon fires has attracted criticism for its inaccuracies. In the interests of transparency Leather Naturally reproduces below the response from founder member Dr Michael Redwood in which he expresses his concern that a misinformed public will be driven to choosing materials derived from fossil fuels.

New automotive leather resource

The new One 4 Leather website has launched and in the words of the organisation, sets out to provide transparent information about leather as a material of choice in vehicles. 

Global campaign launch

We all know leather is a powerful partner to the creative industry. So we're very pleased to welcome METCHA, a digital-based magazine that will cover the most compelling stories within the design, art, fashion and lifestyle worlds – and how leather helps generate some of the most desired ideas around. Say hi to METCHA at

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