Leather UK rights the wrongs

Leather UK has responded to a report on the BBC wesbite from 10 September 2019, which made some inaccurate claims about leather and leather manufacturing. It is important that consumers are better informed so that they can make the choices that are right for them and Leather Naturally reproduces the response in full below.

Don't fabricate an attack on leather

The article published in the Guardian blaming leather for fuelling Amazon fires has attracted criticism for its inaccuracies. In the interests of transparency Leather Naturally reproduces below the response from founder member Dr Michael Redwood in which he expresses his concern that a misinformed public will be driven to choosing materials derived from fossil fuels.

New automotive leather resource

The new One 4 Leather website has launched and in the words of the organisation, sets out to provide transparent information about leather as a material of choice in vehicles. 

Global campaign launch

We all know leather is a powerful partner to the creative industry. So we're very pleased to welcome METCHA, a digital-based magazine that will cover the most compelling stories within the design, art, fashion and lifestyle worlds – and how leather helps generate some of the most desired ideas around. Say hi to METCHA at

Leather Rail Seats Save Money, Add Value

Scottish leather company Muirhead has released a video detailing its recent refurbishment project with Irish Rail.

Why Ban Leather?

The decision by Helsinki Fashion Week to ban leather makes no sense in terms of sustainability or environment. 

CLIA Regulates Use of 'Leather'

China Leather Industry Association (CLIA), co-organiser with APLF of the All China Leather Exhibition (ACLE) has published specification around the use of the word 'Leather' at the forthcoming event.

SHOULD You Live in a Vegan House?

The Financial Times piece, 'Could You Live in a Vegan House?' makes the important point that buying products to fit a vegan lifestlye requires careful thought, but becomes confused over the question of environmental issues. Leather Naturally spokesperson, Michael Redwood counterbalances with the facts.

Fashion industry needs to stop vilifying leather

Having recently joined the ILM team and the leather industry from the fashion and retail sector, where I was Editor of a leading b2b magazine, I have been eager to learn about the leather trade, including the challenges it faces and opportunities ahead. It’s quite apparent that there are many parallels between the key issues in both sectors. 

Cow Hide - the New Leopard Print?

Fashion forecaster WGSN predicts that cowhide trend is only just begining, with a look that works across all categories. 

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