Leather Properties

Leather is a versatile material - this short guide from Leather Naturally sets outs the different properties from softness, to water resistant leathers, explaining each in simple terms. 

Leather | True or False?

What's true, what's false? Sort the facts from the fiction about leather in this straightforward guide to the industry.

'Leather is the oldest example of recycling...'

The Cotance January 2019 newsletter tackles misconceptions about the origins of leather and using the context of a jacket, sets out a clear explanation of where leather comes from for a new generation. The content is available in English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Hungarian.

Motorist Wins Compensation for 'Fake' Leather

A Mercedes driver in the UK has won his claim that a description of 'leather' seats in the brochure was 'misleading'. Read the full story here.

Where does leather come from?

Leather UK releases a short animation that clearly describes where leather comes from, its benefits and versatility.

How I was fooled by synthetic leather

Leather Naturally Chair, Egbert Dikkers thought he was making a sustainable choice when he opted for an electric car with leather interior. So why was his car delivered with plastic seats? 

What will the Tannery in 2030 be like?

International Leather Maker has published a personal view of Egbert Dikkers, Chair of Leather Naturally of what the leather supply chain could be like by 2030. 

Leather Naturally Challenges Helsinki Fashion Week

The decision by Helsinki Fashion Week to ban leather makes no sense in terms of sustainability or environment. Leather Naturally challenges the thinking behind the decision in a letter to the organisers.

Leather is a Good Material

Looking objectively at the world today we know we consume too much “stuff”, get pressured by the consumer society to replace it too quickly, and that a high percentage of that “stuff” is not responsibly made or recycled for one reason or another.

Nike Interview Raises Questions About Flyleather

The recently published Dezeen interview with Nike includes claims about Flyleather that concern Leather Naturally. Spokesperson Mike Redwood responds.

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