Past Vintage


A 1940s British postal bag was the inspiration behind the first product and launch of the Past Vintage brand. Inspired by the functional style, Jordan Kirby reimagined and improved the bag for a modern take on the briefcase, focusing on the quality and durability of the leather to deliver a mix of practicality and desirability.


Jordan set out to create a product that was both long-lasting and with luxury appeal and his passion for both the quality and provenance of leather led to J & E Sedgwick & Co. in the neighbouring town of Walsall  - a company and a town steeped in the heritage of English leather making.

A close attention to design detail saw Jordan work through many iterations of proportion and ergonomic styling but it is perhaps in the leather that the Past Vintage briefcase delivers its signature stand out appeal. It has allowed the creation of a product that speaks to a rich heritage of English manufacturing but with a modern styling that  perfectly embodies its Past Vintage label.