Successful celebration of World Leather Day 2023

Release Date: May 2, 2023

On April 26th the industry celebrated World Leather Day 2023.

It was a joint initiative between Leather Working Group (LWG) and Leather Naturally (LN) and its aim was to engage the industry to celebrate the positive attributes of leather. Leather is a circular material, a by-product of the meat industry and it is one of the original bio-based, durable materials.

This year World Leather Day united leather manufacturers, chemical suppliers, machinery suppliers, finished product manufacturers, industry associations, industry media, retailers, and schools to promote the positive attributes of leather with over 350 registering to participate in advance.

Particularly encouraging were the number of companies that took the theme and ran with it, creating their own posts featuring the World Leather Day logo and the theme of longevity.

Chair of Leather Naturally, Debbie Burton commented, “World Leather Day was imagined as a day to engage the industry and harness the strength of working together. The growth in participation this year was exceptional, now let’s build on it. If the industry can collectively maintain the momentum of 26 April 2023, it will be a powerful statement. Leather Naturally is committed to continuing its support as a resource for providing the information, materials and social messaging that will more easily enable that.”

Christina Trautmann of Leather Working Group added: “We’re thrilled with the success of this year’s World Leather Day celebrations and the level of engagement from stakeholders across the industry. It is inspiring to see so many organizations come together to showcase the positive attributes of leather and promote its sustainable and circular qualities. Leather Working Group hopes that we can continue with this momentum into 2024, and build the support for responsibly made leather as a sustainable material.”

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