Gianni Maitan is a well-known wildlife photographer, a passionate traveler and is so much in love with the African continent. He is also the Managing Director of Gemata S.p.A.

However, he is also the Managing Director of Gemata S.p.A, a leading Italian company in the field of machinery and equipment of low environmental impact on the finishing of leather.

After international success with his wildlife photography, Gianni decided on a permanent way to show his pictures of animals – that is on the travel bags used every day by people around the world. The reproduction of his beautiful images on the high quality leather produced in Arzignano is bringing together both his passions.

A careful search through thousands of images, the selection of the best leathers and finding a laboratory specialising in the high resolution printing needed to give the quality required combined with a search for artisans with the skills to produce the beautiful end product.

The result is GMVENEZIA: Gainni’s initial, his city, his pictures of animals printed on leather bags handcrafted in Veneto. Every step is handmade in Italy and every bag embodies a passion for art, craft and its expression in leather.

The past meets the future in every bag, made using the centuries-old Venetian skills that have been passed from father to son but incorporating the hi-tech processes required to print and finish the leather.  The result is an incomparable product of craftsmanship, the hallmark of GM VENEZIA which makes it a unique work of art.