Jackie Loves Clogs

Shoe and clog making are entwined with my family history. I’m Jackie Leggett the designer/ maker behind Jackie Loves Clogs. I hand make clogs to order from my garden workshop in Leicester UK.

LN: Tell us first everything about your background and then all about your love for clogs?

When I was growing up I spent a lot of time in my Dad’s factory learning how shoes were made then while doing my degree in Footwear design at Leicester Polytechnic I was inspired to do a range of clogs after finding out about my Great granddads clog shop who produced traditional British clogs for the local mining and farming industry. I have reworked this style of clog to be modern colourful and playful – who doesn’t love the clip clop of a pair of clogs?

LN: What is the most challenging part when making the clogs & what kind of leather do you use?

Working on all parts of the making process gives me a variety of jobs and skills from hand cutting the leather out for the uppers to sewing them together and finally prepping the soles before lasting the leather uppers. Moulding the leather around the lasts is the most satisfying part, seeing the shapes and the clog come together, this is also the most challenging part of the process, it’s very tactile and leather is the only material that really takes all the pulling and moulding into shape. I use a range of thick but supple full grain leathers from veg tan to a waxy pull up all which show nicely the carving patterns I work into the leather, no other material gets the results leather does.

LN: How long does it take you to produce one pair of clogs?

Generally my clogs are made to order, as I make 1-2 pairs a week. I only keep a few pairs in stock for shows such as Craft Festival in the UK. I love designing extra little details on the clogs and am always happy to work with customers to swap design details and vary colour combinations.

LN: Do you also make clogs based on customer wishes?

I recently had a request for a pair of mismatched clogs – each foot with different colour combinations, but the end result to still look like a pair. That was lots of fun and the end result looked stunning: this set the ball rolling as I’ve since done more pairs like this. I work with the customer on a range of 3 or 4 different coloured leathers then have a play – a unique pair is the end result.

LN: Who wear your shoes?

There’s no defining my clog customers, they come in all ages and with unique styles which I adore, the only thing they have in common is a love of colourful handmade footwear.

LN: What does a consumer needs to know about your leather clogs?

Leather clogs are easily repairable – a very sustainable style of footwear and will last for years with care, the leather gets more comfortable and develops a patina with wear and the wooden sole is warm and improves posture. I have a pair that I made in the early 1990’s and still wear today, they are timeless.