Patricia Motta

Patrícia Motta is a reference in Brazilian leather. She’s a stylist specializing in leather hides, and she creates fashion unlike any you’ve ever seen. Its lightness is extremely feminine.

With inspirations ranging from literature to the natural world, Patricia lends the delicacy of her look to a traditional industry; turning leather into a raw material for haute-couture in Brazil.

Why leather? Where does your passion for this specific raw material come from?
Passion doesn’t explain itself, it just happens. Leather is a noble, perennial raw material that has been present in our lives for thousands of years. The first clothing created in the world was made of sheepskin. I consider it a lifestyle as it’s present in our daily life – in decoration, art, the automotive industry and fashion.

You only work with certified tanneries and certified raw materials. Why did you make that decision?
It has to do with quality, the market and ideology. Our brand values the quality of its pieces. Leather is a classic and the way in which it’s treated makes a difference in the final product. Certified tanneries use proper production processes, and hold the highest standards of  sustainability.

Do you only use Brazilian leather in your pieces?
We imported leather from other countries before but currently use only Brazilian leather tanneries, since their quality and technology meet our prerequisites. Additionally, this helps us to encourage our country’s economy.

How does the Brazilian leather industry compare to those of other countries?
I have seen growth in quality and innovation, but I believe we should always improve. Trips to other countries and research conducted in tanneries, as well as exchanging ideas with other designers, has helped us to develop special leathers in Brazilian tanneries.