Sally Blue

Five years ago, Rosie Sieben, decided to go her own way by creating a new brand called Sally Blue. The incredible journey of a courageous committed entrepreneur started.

The maker’s mind was set on realising an exclusive yet sustainable and personalised collection of highly qualified leather and suede clothes.

In all of the extraordinary pieces all of the maker’s personal professional experiences as a fashion retail purchaser in luxurious ladies fashion was the basic for her philosophy. The unique business concept of Sally Blue puts all  things on the table which is just as unique as women in general are. Every piece is one of a kind and mirrors a woman’s soul.  Rosie is always seeking worldwide for finding the finest exclusive leather in order to create delicate rare unique pieces for unique women.

India: a source of inspiration Several journeys to colourful India took the maker there to find new inspiration and to select fine tailors and craftsmen to create these exclusive pieces of natural leather for women of all shapes of all ages. The mission was shown to be successfully. As a woman she for sure understood the importance of best fitting timeless pieces for women in such a way to create elegant styles to make each individually designed piece of clothing highly desirable.

The quality, the design, the unfitted joy, the love for the female shapes, it all is to be found within each fine piece of clothing. Each piece breathes passion for fine leather and they all reflect respect for the animal which is one of the creator’s commitments. Each masterpiece reflects the entrepreneur’s philosophy. Care for what you create. Care for what you do. Care for what you love.

Expect the unexpected. Each design feels one with its maker and you carry it into the wide world when you put it on. Dare to be different. Dare to be you. The pieces feel comfortably warm and soft, so familiar, so genuine. Each piece empowers and puts each woman respectfully in vogue.