The World in Leather

With over 22 years of experience in the leather industry, I have seen a worldwide evolution in how leather is being processed.

The use of sustainable leather is one that is changing the way companies do business. I’m excited to bring all of my experience and knowledge to TWIL and offer amazing quality leather products to our customers.

I am very passionate about helping our planet and promoting leather which is a byproduct from the meat industry, when we use leather we are recycling and supporting our planet. Our products strive for sustainability in these 4 categories: Planet, People, Prosperity/partnership and Purpose.

Our brand TWIL comes from our dream “THE WORLD IN LEATHER” so no hide has to be destroyed for not being used and more products are sustainable, recycling what is already on earth instead of using plastic or oil based products.

Our Mission: TWIL engages the leather industry to produce hides using the best ecological processes and designs, promotes and sell quality products made from this sustainable leather.

Our future plans: we will keep introducing creative and sustainable products into our updated web page.