Coach Forever

Coach is a brand long associated with premium leather and now its Upwoven bags are an exciting concept on the journey to zero waste.

The Coach Forever 2021 collection debuted online in a presentation that showcased styles beyond the runway and worn by a global cast that included Kaia Gerber, Kate Moss, Debbie Harry, Kiko Mizuhara, Jeremy Lin, Megan Thee Stallion and Cole Sprouse.

Coach bags have a legacy of leather, craft and community  and this is a collection that looks towards a more mindful future of quality things, made to last and be passed down.

The Upwoven styles that form part of the 2021 collection are an innovative use of remnant leather strips, woven together to create a unique new material. It is a fresh, luxury take on how leather can play an important role in reducing impact and maximizing resources, while still creating truly covetable products, designed to last.