ECCO Debuts Innovative Bags and Accessories Concept

ECCO Leather Goods is a new bags and accessories concept that includes pieces made with the DriTan technology, which reduces water consumption.

ECCO Leather Goods is a collection designed in-house, using leather from ECCO’s own gold-rated tannery. It combines craftsmanship, responsibly made leather and functional design for an on-the-go consumer looking for bags that fit their lifestyle.

ECCO Leather Goods is an opportunity for ECCO to connect with a younger, more modern consumer that weve dubbed the New Utopians.’ We aim to be radically inclusive and proudly introduce them to the future of leather accessories,” says Stefano Pillepich, Head of ECCO Leather Goods.

Many of the bags are hands-free, giving the wearer greater freedom of movement. Within the line are many small leather goods that can be attached to one another to create eclectic and unique combinations. On top of this, the collection is gender-fluid, meaning anyone can wear any piece – there are no mens or womens styles.

An important feature in the range is pieces made with DriTan leather, which is made using a technique that both reduces water consumption in the process and produces less waste water.

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From the research we conducted, we feel we have really good insights into what young, ethically-minded consumers want and what theyre missing. We use the most innovative leathers from ECCO Leather, with eco-conscious materials including DriTan leathers and certified sustainable textiles,” explains Stefano Pillepich.

The ECCO Leather Goods concept has been inspired by the rebellious and soulful aesthetics of the ECCO brands founding years in the 1960s. Lettering from the archives is reborn in an alphabet of attachable charms.

ECCO is a member of Leather Naturally – Ecco Leather