Get Access to METCHA Forward, a Trend Report to Inspire and Inform

METCHA’s new initiative compiles leather-oriented trends for the near future covering all major industry areas of concern in an exclusive report.

(Main shot – ​CASABLANCA  \  NEW BALANCE (article))

METCHA FORWARD, the trend report is the first edition of a behavioural analysis divided between sustainability, lifestyle, fashion, sneakers, furniture, and automotive.

Image (left) Federico Pestilli x Luca Stefanon x Andrew Archeos (article) (right) Olivier Rousteing (article)

The METCHA team has identified 28 leather-oriented trends to inspire and guide through the coming seasons. Published in a comprehensive report, it covers the subjects of sustainability, lifestyle, fashion, sneakers, furniture and automotive.

Image (left) Murray Fredericks x Matthew Woodward Architecture (article) (right) ALLSAINTS (article)

Download the report for free here, where you can also sign up to automatically receive the next issue.

Image: LOEWE (article)

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