Interview: Brave Soles

Founded in 2017 by Christal Earle, we are focused on creating fashion with upcycled materials and ethical, small scale production. Our handcrafted shoes have up-cycled tire soles and all accessories are hand crafted from reclaimed leather from aircraft seats and other sources.

LN: please describe the activity of your company / work

Discarded tires and other usable materials fill landfills, ditches and waterways around the world. They are biohazardous and they pose significant health risks. Yet materials such as tires, deadstock fabrics and leathers present endless opportunities for circular fashion designs. Through a simple and scalable process, Brave Soles is creating fashion that is kind to both people and planet – and built on a circular economy.

Since our launch in 2017, Brave Soles has been primarily focused on e-commerce and building retail partnerships with small scale retailers and drop shipping companies. We have positioned ourselves in the affordable sustainable fashion space, offering customers the chance to be able to make better choices and feel good about the story they are participating in with their purchasing power.

Our brand was inspired by our founder’s work with landfill workers in the Dominican Republic and her realization that there were simple solutions to help tackle very complex problems that were affecting vulnerable people in the communities.

In 2019 we were nominated for a Canadian Fashion Innovation award and we are part of numerous initiatives in Canada and globally to help create a more sustainable future through the power of ethical fashion. We are actively seeking BCorp certification and have built significant partnerships with marketing and advertising specialists to grow our sales, our influence and our impact.

LN: You want to help to create an even more sustainable future. Can you explain how this sustainable future looks like an how plays leather a role is this future?

We believe that leather is a natural product and, when it is processed in a responsible, traceable way that is open and transparent, it is a sustainable product.

LN: What inspires you to use leather? What makes leather so special for you?

For me, personally, I have some leather items that I own that are vintage and have been handed down. They only grow more beautiful with time and they hold a story for me.

LN: How do you feel about the sustainability of leather?

When leather is processed in a way that is using natural agents, that is respectful of water sustainability and the environment, it is very sustainable.

LN: What kind of leather you use for the production of your leather sandals?

Our sandals are currently made with leather that is from a gold certified member of The Leather Working Group.

LN: Why do you think should leather be the material of choice for consumers?

Leather lasts a long, long time and when things are crafted with leather they are items that can journey through life with us.