Leather Goods Repair Is a Smart and Sustainable Approach to Luxury

Company The Cobbler has taken this line since the beginning - we asked them about their history and why leather is important to them.

Can you say something about the history of your company or your work, what inspired you to enter this field?

Well, I started at a very young age (16 years old) after meeting the shoemaker near my neighborhood in France (Lyon). I immediately fell in love with the smell of the leather, glue and noise of the different machine and the craftmanship that goes behind it.

I then decided to quite school and get trained by Les Compagnons du devoir” a guild of craftmanship whose roots are dating from the middle age.  This is a very interesting time where I learned some important values and the importance of hard work and that what matter the most is the passion you put in your job!

Describe the activity of your company / work

At the Cobbler, craftsmanship, heritage, expertise and passion are some of the DNA. That is what is driving us since day one and still drives us today and we believe that is what customers recognise in our work as well.

We have now specialized for 10 years in luxury repairing and restoring of shoes and handbags for men and women  along with shoe care products and accessories for men. Our focus is on expertise, savoir-faire, excellence and craftmanship.

We also offer a bespoke shoes services, which I personally take care of it. This is a process which takes approximately 4-6 months. We start from a white piece of paper with the customer and we build it from there, creating the shape, last color and stitching according to his desires. All together it involved 90 hours of work. It is of course entirely handmade.

How would you describe your passion for Leather and why is it such a unique material?

One can never really understand completely leather. That is the beauty of it. People tend to forget that it brings all the history of the animal with it. Even if the hide is coming from the same farm and the same tanning process is applied, youll have two different leathers. And that is an infinite source of learning and surprises thats why it makes it so unique material to work with.

What does a consumer need to know about leather?

Care is the biggest factor when it comes to leather, a customer needs to understand what type of leather it is and what products to use on each to enhance its beauty during his life.

Leathers can last for decades even century when given the proper care. Seek for guidance from the salesperson or your local cobbler. Depending on your usage, you might need it to give it a little bit of care every week.