Leather UK Launches Online Showcase

An online magazine that will inspire and inform about the exciting leather makers and creators working in the UK today.

The collection, the “Art of Leather” is a glossy, magazine-style online publication that introduces readers to some of the most talented artisans working in leather clothing, jewellery, accessories, interiors, art and more, whose highly desirable works are available to purchase or who can be commissioned directly.

Featured in the launch issue of the Art of Leather are:

  • Martina Spetlova – fashion designer 
  • Baa Stool – interiors 
  • Tania Clarke Hall – jewellery designer 
  • Iseabal Hendry – accessories designer 
  • Welsh Organic Tannery – sheep, goat and deerskin tannery 
  • Karl Donoghue – fashion designer 
  • Mark Evans – artist
  • J. & F.J. Baker & Co Ltd – traditional oak bark tannery 
  • Warriner Leather Works – leather artisan 
  • Georgina Brett Chinnery – leather artist and sculptor 
  • Grady + Robinson – regenerative farming fashion design 
  • Owen Barry – sheepskin fashion and interiors
  • Spire Leather – tannery 
  • Charles Laurie London – leather artisan 
  • Joshua Millard – fashion designer 

The Art of Leather is a must-read for anyone wanting to know more about the vibrant scene of innovative artisans and artists whose work and ethos is representative of an exciting new direction in leather-making, where creativity thrives in harmony with responsible, ethical production.

Explaining the Art of Leather initiative, Jessica Aiers, Leather UK business development manager says: “The leather sector is full of amazingly talented makers, creating objects and works of great beauty. However, unless consumers are in the know, it can be hard to know where to find them. It is an important part of our role at Leather UK to ensure that our members are better known and this first ever issue of the Art of Leather is a platform to do just that.

She continues: “While each of our featured makers is unique in what they do, they are united in their desire to make responsibly and mindfully, wasting as little as they can and sourcing locally where possible. Farm to fork becomes farm to bag, or shoes or coat.  Consumers increasingly want to know how the things they buy and use are produced. Leather is a by-product and by its very nature sustainable, durable and beautiful. We hope the Art of Leather shows consumers that it is possible to purchase leather with an easy conscience.

Download your copy of The Art of Leather here