Read the point of view of OWNEVER's CEO Eliana Barros. She shares with us their stand for ethical production using leather design as a canvas for a gender equality statement.

In the industry nowadays, many brands are born of people’s desires to make a difference in the world. This is why Eliana Barros first thought of the ethical, authentic accessory brand OWNEVER.

“It was just a mix of my personal beliefs with my desire of creating something durable that lasted more than myself, that could tell a different story, that was more than just an Instagram picture.”

For her, creating timeless products that will last a lifetime is a means not only to make a difference in rampant consumerism but also to work with responsibly sourced raw materials, like leather, for long-lasting pieces.

“I feel that today social media made people greedy for novelties. I understand novelty, but I don’t understand irresponsible gestures.”

We always have a choice, we can buy more, or we can buy better.

And we all know that is not the quantity that brings us long-term joy. Thinking of a better and more equal future, the designer named the piece 2157, the year when equal pay between men and women will be possible.