Sneakerhead Dreams

Nicola Davies searches out the best sneaker customisers in London

Trainer connoisseur Nicola Davies, by her own admission is not a designer, nor does she have any customisation skills, so her quest for unique product that no one else owns has drawn her to seeking out second hand gems and the art of customisation.

She has developed an appreciation for custom skills, which involve not only working with leather and recreating constructions, but ensuring every customer gets the correct fit.

“But what customisation actually entails is very broad. It could be anything from reconstructing leather components, to painting, to using specialist sharpies, to embroidery or even stencilling. It’s the latest frontier in DIY culture that’s taken over Instagram feeds and sneakerhead dreams.”

Nicola’s list of must-see custom artists includes Nash Money, Helen Kirkum and Afro Kickz. You can read the full article, together with profiles of these taken artists over on Choose Real Leather

Nicola believes that this scene can only grow, “I think that more customisers will start moving onto creating their own shoes from scratch. The sneaker scene will definitely become more diverse.”

Image: courtesy of Choose Real Leather