The Boot Institute

This is a story of two modern independent women, who share the same vision and came together to make their dream come true.

Dina was born in Canada, lived in Paris and London where she studied art direction for fashion and film as well as fashion management. She now lives in Porto while working in the shoe industry for over 12 years.

Sandra was born in Paris and now lives in Porto. She studied Business Management and specialized in Digital Marketing. With a solid background in these areas, she worked in several renowned national and international companies.

Their values:

The Boot Institute is the incarnation of these two women’s vision and how they see the modern women:

  • Independent
  • Sophisticated
  • Timeless
  • Natural

Every style is different and reflects what women feel: One day she is elegant, the other mysterious, casual, laid back or even rebellious.

Their goal is to offer different styles for different moods, so that each one of us can bring out every woman we have inside.

Made in Portugal:

The production of the Boot Institute is 100% made in Portugal, because they believe that here, the high standards of quality and savoir- faire, elevate their brand to the level of any high fashion shoe brand in the industry.

Each pair is hand finished giving each shoe their own identity. All the components are carefully chosen from the best of what is available on the market. Leather, out soles, insoles, accessories…

“We produce in Portugal because it has very high standards in shoe making”

The Boot Institute always uses leather to produce its shoes for its durability, handling performance during production and finished look.

They strive to deliver style, comfort and sustainability in all their products.