The Truth About Leather in Cars

It’s time to tackle the misinformation that’s out there about the use of leather in cars

Online leather resource for the automotive industry, One 4 Leather has laid out the assumptions made about the use of leather in cars and answered them with plain facts. The feature is a must-read for anyone that wants to go deeper than the sensational headlines and learn that replacing leather with synthetic materials in cars will not save the planet.

Covering all the detail needed, from why animals are not killed for leather to better understanding environmental issues and the role that cattle can play in regenerative agriculture, the article concludes, “The bottom line is simple: we need to look at our consumption differently and find ways to be efficient with the resources we have available. Leather fits that future, as do other by-products that we have started to replace with plastics. Although plastics are part of what makes our lives convenient, safe, and protected, their use should always be evaluated first, and materials should be chosen based on the performance needed. Plastics or vegan leather’ is not the one-fix-solution for our future. Leather has a huge part to play in a future where we use our resources responsibly.”

As luxury maker Bentley marks its intention to be the most sustainable car manufacturer by joining the Leather Working Group, it is important for everyone to understand the benefits that leather brings by turning a by-product that would otherwise go to waste in landfill into a beautiful, long-lasting material.

Read the full article on the One 4 Leather website here.