Hide and Skins

A&B Hides

A+B Hides was founded through the merger of two medium sized hide trading and processing companies, each with over 60 years of history.

A+B Hides is a sustainable marketer of high-quality bovine hides as well as semi-finished products (wetblue/wetwhite) for the international leather production.

A+B Hides is one of the leading companies in the German hide industry and since joining the OSI-Group (leading global supplier of custom food products) with its own slaughterhouses, was able to graduate from wholesaler to marketer, while emphasising the importance of sustainability and traceability of every hide to the animals‘ origin.
To guarantee this the individual and thus traceable ear tag code can be lasered into the fresh hide. The code remains visible throughout all tanning processes and therefore in the finished leather.

In addition to raw hides, A+B offers wetblue/wetwhite – a tanned semi-finished product.

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