Leather biodegradability testing and advice from a family business with a passion for seeing leather as part of a sustainable and circular economy.

We are a family business focused on leather biodegradability testing services and advice, with a passion for leather being part of a sustainable and circular economy.

We can help you understand how your leather interfaces with the ecosystem. Our growing suite of tests look at biodegradability, compostability, disintegration, plant response and chemical toxicity.

Authenticae is a family-owned laboratory and consultancy based in the UK. We are known for our in-depth technical knowledge and expertise on the leather tanning process. We have turned that knowledge into helping us and our clients understand the growing field of leather biodegradability. We believe that leather should be seen as part of the puzzle to a sustainable future, and that biodegradable leather is a significant piece of this picture.

Our team are diligent students of leather chemistry, biodegradability and lifecycle assessments. We are constantly developing and improving our knowledge and services, with the aim of providing you with real useable data and access to experts to help you in your journey.

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