Casino Hide Tanners

Established in 1975, Casino Hide Tanners (CHT) was one of the first tanneries in Australia dedicated to the tanning of cattle hides for export.

Recent modernised additions to the tannery have made it one of the larger installations in Australia, with the capacity to convert over 900,000 cattle hides each year.

Located in the Northern Rivers of NSW Casino Hide Tanners is devoted to processing cattle hides from green through to wet blue leather. Being located on the same site as Northern Co-operative Meat Company Ltd abattoir allows prompt processing which can mean technically better quality leathers for customers. Under a patented system, hides are identified individually enabling tracking of the origin and movement of every hide through slaughter and on to their final destination.

Upon arrival at the tannery all hides are fleshed and loaded into one of 24 tanning drums based on weight range and source. Each step of each drum’s process is carefully controlled and recorded to ensure that the final product will consistently meet the exacting requirements of CHTs customers globally.

After tanning, hides are graded to strict criteria by trained and experienced assessors. Casino Hide Tanners grading structure has been designed carefully to provide consistent and accurate results, allowing for flexibility in order to meet a customer’s specific need.

Utilizing a state-of-the-art splitting operation CHT can also split hides to the customer’s pre-determined requirements. Modern computer systems, coupled with CHTs unique identification numbering, allows the opportunity for CHT to provide its customers with full data and complete traceability of their wet-blue hides, grains and drop-splits.

CHT is dedicated to close cooperation and long-term partnerships with our customer base and suppliers. Gold medal accredited by the Leather Working Group, CHT prides itself on continuous improvement and is committed to Quality and Safety, focusing on environmental sustainability and Waste management.

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