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Cromogenia Units, S.A.

Cromogenia Units, founded in 1942, develops and manufactures a wide range of chemical specialties for numerous industries worldwide.

It is a leading company in the sector that continues to research to offer high quality products and sustainable development.

Cromogenia Units develops, manufactures and sells a complete range of specialties for the leather industry, being a qualified supplier for this industry worldwide. The company is present in more than 60 countries with a strong customer focus, but also with a clear commitment to the sustainability of our products and processes.

Our product range covers all stages of the tanning process, from beamhouse to finishing.
Cromogenia Units has become a leading that uses state-of-the-art technology and R&D to improve processes and products for its customers worldwide and focus its developments towards a sustainable line. Because we are committed to the development of sustainable and ecofriendly products at all stages of the tanning process, from the beamhouse to finishing.

It has developed a new line of products formed by ecofriendly retanning and fatliquoring products. The differential characteristics of these new products include biodegradability, the fact that they originate from renewable or residual raw materials, high efficacy (high fixation and hence reduced COD) and without restricted substances.
But in addition, it has also developed new sustainable processes that combine quality and respect for the environment: ECO UNHAIRING is a process where minimum quantity of sodium sulfide is used. This process generates waste waters with lower sulfide content, lower BOD and COD, and lower sludge production.
For the PICKLING stage, Cromogenia Units offers a process that allows reducing salt content and totally removes sulfuric acid. This process also provides greater chromium oxide fixation onto the hide and lower collagen degradation.

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