Cueromex Wet Blue

CUEROMEX is a company that always has on mind the growing global market, that is why we maintain our services and products adapted to suit every requirement and preference that our clients put on the table.

We are intimately committed with our clients.

In CUEROMEX we are able to develop products with technological innovations that support the profitability and branding of our customers giving them the competitive advantage their business need, always looking for a dynamic balance between performance and great appearance.

We are focused on being a competitive and a profitable company, dedicated to the transformation of leather according to the needs of our customers. We are always seeking for improvement on strategies in our processes, products and services, with the best collaborators and technology, We maintain ourselves always committed to the environment and our society.

Our vision is to be a sustainable company, committed to the environment and social equity. Positioned in a global market with unique and high-quality products.

We manufacture leather and seek daily innovation through our work, optimizing resources to achieve the satisfaction of our customers and keep up with the improvement in of our systems and processes, becoming more effective day by day.

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