DURLI Couros

The history of Durli started in 1960 with the construction of the first plant in south of Brazil.

On that time, most of the processes were handmade. With the increase on the demand and opportunities there was a need for expansion to others states in Brazil, and recently in Paraguay. Recognized as a reference of strength and engagement with the quality, Durli exports leather for most of European, North American and Asian markets.

Durli is specialized in Wet Blue, Crust and Finished Leather. Consolidated by their high quality standard, it’s a company that values the partnership with the customers and suppliers, having in their philosophy the commitment to attend with seriousness the most demanding markets. For more than sixty years Durli supplies leather for the most important domestic and international customers, for automotive, shoes, furniture and accessories. Strategic geographical position with production plants close to the breeding areas and slaughterhouses and inspection and delivery plants close to ports and major highways. With state of the art technology and a qualified team, Durli innovates every day to maintain its high level of excellence since the purchasing of the traceable flesh hides, production process upon to the arrival of the leather at customer’s warehouse.

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