Heusch GmbH

Heusch, the world leading specialist in cutting technologies for fleshing and shaving of skins and hides.

We also supply special blades for wool and fur shearing. Our products are available for all types of OEM machines.

Since 1850 Heusch manufacturers cutting systems for the leather and textile industry. Our blades are produced from the highest European quality steel. Our unique tempering process guarantees an exceptional long lasting cutting edge. Customers will experience an unparalleled durability of the blades and outstanding cutting results.

Heusch offers different blade varieties having been specifically developed to perform in varying tanning processes. Customer can take their pick from three types of steel (also stainless) and various geometries based on the process requirements of the tannery.

Heusch blades are globally available from more than 100 partner organizations. Each offering words and deeds at all times. Besides having a R&D department constantly working on product improvements, Heusch takes pride in having its own application support department. Onsite trainings and process consulting are rendered form specialists

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