Leather Engineers and Technologists Society Bangladesh

Leather Engineers and Technologists’ Society, Bangladesh (LETS’B) is a professional organization of Leather, Footwear and Leather Product Engineers of Bangladesh

LETS’B is established in 1989 to preserve the interest and welfare of its members and serve the nation by practicing sound technical matters for Leather, Footwear and Leather Products Industries.

The Leather Engineers and Technologists’ Society was founded in 1989 and registered with the appropriate body of the Government of Bangladesh. It has now 1225 active members and the numbers of members are increasing once the graduates come out from the Institute of Leather Engineering and Technology (ILET), under the University of Dhaka and Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET).

The members of the organization are serving for the leather sector in terms of employee, employer, and entrepreneur and so on relating to the industry thus they can uphold the Professional Responsibility, Compliance issues and Social Responsibility.

The main objectives of the organization is to get all members united under one roof for the greater interest of the professional , technical and social values so they can be enriched to serve for the leather industry. LETS’B practices some activities like seminar, workshop and training program on environment friendly technology, sustainability, compliance, effluent treatment, waste management etc. by collaboration with expert bodies from home and abroad. LETS’B plays a vital role in arranging Leather Exhibition in Bangladesh and participates in similar events in the overseas. Apart from the professional issues, LETS’B is highly responsive to the CSR issues, like Covid19 and similar emergency matters.

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