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NTE Company Pty

NTE, a company that has stood the test of time over the past 100 years becoming one of the largest, leading, and preferred suppliers of mimosa (wattle) extracts in the leather supply chain.

NTE Company (Pty) Ltd, a proudly South African company, was established on 30 June 1920 and is the oldest and one of the largest producers of wattle extract in the world producing some 26 000t of product annually. 

The company has two factories of equal capacity, strategically situated in the main wattle growing areas of South Africa where bark from the Australian Black Wattle tree (Acacia mearnsii) is processed into high concentration tannin products in both solid and powder form. The raw bark is supplied by the Company’s 700 grower shareholders who grow the wattle trees in environmentally friendly and sustainably managed manmade commercial forests. Bark suppliers also include local communities and trusts supported by NTE as part of its CSR policy.

NTE’s Mimosa and Elephant brand products are well known in the leather industry for their high quality and tanning properties in the production of full vegetable tanned heavy and light leathers. The wide rage of products are also used extensively in the re-tanning sector where they impart a particular feel to the leather. Further, they have unique filling properties and when used correctly improves the tightness of leathers especially in the looser flank and belly areas. A number of products are also well known for improving print retention and the uniquely developed modified Mimtan range is used for this purpose in the production of automotive and furniture leathers.
NTE is committed to the continued supply of a range of superior quality products meeting its customers requirements in a wide range of applications within the leather industry. We have an experienced team providing our customers with support in sales and logistics, leather manufacturing and R&D so as to meet their expectations and ultimate requirements.

Media 2023: Listen to the podcast of ILM (International Leather Making) and NTE. The 28-minute discussion provides listeners with a better understanding of the role that mimosa extracts play in leathermaking – Podcast.



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