Chemical Companies

Quimser SA

Manufacturer of chemical products for the industry since 1966, mainly focused in specialities for the leather sector.

QUIMSER produces a wide range of products covering all stages of the leather manufacturing process, from beamhouse and the wet-end to the finishing.

QUIMSER is a family-owned business whose main purpose is to identify customer needs and to translate them into quality chemical products for the leather industry, providing flexible, custom-made and environmental-friendly solutions.

QUIMSER was founded in 1966 in the heart of the leather tanning area of Igualada (Barcelona), one of Europe’s most traditional and respected centres of leather industry. Nowadays QUIMSER’s exports account for around two thirds of its current production, supplying customers in more than 25 countries in 4 continents.

The current premises of QUIMSER have been enlarged and transformed over the years into the three production, laboratory and warehouse facilities that exist today. Today QUIMSER manufactures a full range of products for beamhouse, tanning, retanning, dyeing, fatliquoring and finishing following its main objective to offer the leather sector ecological and environmentally friendly products.

QUIMSER complies with REACH, CLP and other applicable regulations, has registered as manufacturer to ECHA several substances, owns ISO 9001:2015 certificate and is also member as supplier of the LWG.

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