Sadesa is one of the leading tanning groups in the world, specializing in high quality leather for the most demanding industries.

We operate seven industrial facilities in America and Asia, with a worldwide raw material sourcing structure and a global sales network.

Founded in 1941, Sadesa is committed to be the world leader in the tanning and distribution of leather, bringing to its customers: innovation, quality, service and value on a sustainable basis.

Recognized as a reliable organization, with opportunity for individual development and socially responsible practices.

Our values

Being at the forefront of the industry implies a set of values that define us as a company.


We set the course on which our industry moves forward. We are ahead of the trends with products and services which open new horizons to our customers.


The relationships we establish are for the long term, based on mutual trust, respect and a strong responsibility towards environment, community, personnel, customers and suppliers.


We are constantly establishing new goals and challenges. For the purposes of self-improvement and in the clear aim to be the most attractive and reliable alternative in the leather industry.

At Sadesa, we believe that the protection of the environment concerns all of us and that we will achieve better results establishing relationships with other industry players.

That is why Sadesa joined the Leather Working Group, a multi-disciplinary group, supported by BLC Leather Technology Centre and integrated by the major footwear brands and tanneries in the word.

Sadesa operates under strict local and international environmental standards and is periodically subjected to rigorous audits carried out by recognized organisms.

As a result, we have been awarded with a large amount of certifications that support our commitment to the environment.

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