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Specialized since 1862 in enhancing the quality of traditional, unique and extraordinary leathers.

Faithful to our history, we develop and manufacture a wide range of natural and renewable products for the leather industry, which we market worldwide

Established in Le Havre, the biggest French harbor, located 2 hours West of Paris. It is in this city that our production site and our Research and Development (R&D) departments are located. This geographical location allows an international presence, technical assistance and logistics matching the markets’ requirements. We also have an application laboratory located in Graulhet, South-West of France, in the historic center of the French tanning industry and European cradle of the world’s leading luxury brands.
Our commitment to our customers regardless of location (domestic or international) is in our DNA at SCRD, coupled with our systematic approach to our production and distribution systems ensure that we can have Just-in-Time (JIT) deliveries.

In a desire for long-term relationships, we partner with our customers in their developments. Reliability, adaptability, flexibility characterize us.

For many years, SCRD has been mastering his formulations and refining his innovative products, with a respectful approach to natural resources SCRD cultivates two hundred (200) hectares of land in Southern Nicaragua where we planted two hundred thousand (200 000) trees in 2019 to continue our long-term goal of sustainability through responsible cultivation. This husbandry of a natural resource ensures we always have quality assets as we harvest and process the extracts for tanning and dyes. We have innovative process where we create non-aggressive methods that minimise any environmental concerns with the aqueous extraction of tannins.

We offer a PREMIUM support service, with consideration of both your technical and environmental challenges.

We create new tanning ingredients, aimed toward excellence that are essentially and quintessentially vegetable-based. Innovative products with high added value, in order to obtain exceptional and extraordinary leathers.

Our historical knowledge of plant and tree extracts that are used in tanning and coupled with our daily commitment to excellence, explains our mastery of formulations and refinement of vegetable molecules.

Set up technical and / or administrative solutions to enable you to meet your strict legislative and normative requirements.

To propose natural products respectful of the resources and to develop new methods of synthesis in agreement with our approach of sustainable development. To bring you tailor-made sustainable and innovative solutions.

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