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Trevino Leather is one of the most important leather tanneries in Mexico with over 80 years history.

We service the automotive and aeronautic industries as well as upholstery and luxury footwear businesses for many world recognized brands.

Trevino Leather/Curtidos Trevino is one of the most important leather tanneries in Mexico with over 80 years history.

Trevino manufactures leathers for different industries including the automotive industry, the aeronautic industry, the furniture upholstery industry and the footwear and fashion luxury goods industry.

Trevino is vertically integrated into cutting, sewing and assembly of leather goods as well and currently employs more than 1,500 associates.

In the automotive industry Trevino focuses on OEM leather production with official approvals with many Northamerican, German, and Japanese brands.

Our leather is all made in house to avoid outside works or contracting so that our quality and consistency are at the highest levels. We have in house tanning, embossing, perforating, finishing, cutting, stitching, wrapping and all processing from rawhide to sets.

Trevino holds many quality systems certifications including ISO9001, IATF16949, IS14000, ISOIEC17025, and others.

Trevino focuses on Sustainable manufacturing processes and products. Some of Trevino key actions to ensure sustainability are: Solar Panels energy utilization, natural lighting on all facilities, only safe chemicals use, hides traceable to certified Kind Animal farms, socially responsible manufacturing practices, compliance with environmental regulations, support of the community and many others.

Trevino is simply one of the best leather manufacturers in the world.

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