Van Oosterum Leder

Van Oosterum Leder is a leather wholesaler servicing the European market.

Since 1929, more than 90 years ago, we have been focusing on delivering quality leather to a wide variety of clients; leather goods, shoes, furniture, orthopedic leather, saddlery etc. The passion for leather has not faded and it is now the task of the 3rd generation to continue the heritage.

“Leather is a natural and sustainable product, which is reflected in the way we do business”. Van Oosterum Leder is a company with a rich history. Since the start in 1929, the focus has been on sustainability. In terms of product offering and our relationship with customers, but also in contact with suppliers who deliver the best products to us day in and day out. For us, sustainability means that we do not only want to provide you with the very best leather today, but also tomorrow and in the future. Van Oosterum Leder closely follows the trends and developments in the field of leather. For you it is important to be able to rely on the quality of a product. The process of using leather to manufacture an end product must be easy and predictable, again and again. Van Oosterum Leder understands that. We are constantly enriching and refining our range, so that you always have access to the best leathers and can easily respond to developments from the market. Van Oosterum Leder is a partner you can rely on, since 1929.

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