We Are SRL

We want to change the status quo of the leather industry.

We do this by providing a product / service with high technological value that through certified sustainable productions, offers a new level of transparency and traceability in the market.

Leath3R it’s a leather brand created by We Are Srl, an Italian company incorporated in 2008 with a focus on reseach and development of leather materials for footwear and leather goods.
Together with our certified supply chain, we are continuously looking for new solutions to satisfy our customers need and meet the continuous requests of innovations that the market requires.

We understood that simple compliance is not enough!
Quality, sustainability, transparency and traceability of the materials we provide required a step forward, so for this reason besides our lab project, a great success and a necessary implementation, we add an innovative leather traceability service that is a big change for us and a necessary step that guides us more and more towards sustainable materials.

Thanks to our jouney, at the beginning of 2019 we registered our new sustainable trademark Leath3R

We are trying to work in all different areas of the leather industry prodution from the slaughterhouse to the finished product in the shops considering the impact on the environment because sustainability is not philanthropy but a business imperative!

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