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World Leather

World Leather has been the industry’s best source of news and technical information for almost 35 years.

As well as providing in-depth coverage of the global leather sector online and in print, we have spearheaded key industry initiatives that raise awareness of the industry and celebrate its successes.

World Leather has been providing insight into and in-depth coverage of the global leather sector for almost 35 years and is as passionate about the industry as tanners, finished-product manufacturers and all the talented companies that make up the entire leather supply chain.

For us, it’s important to give back to the industry we love. Examples of how we do this include launching the Tannery of the Year programme in 2009 to provide a platform for sharing tanners’ success stories in social responsibility, publishing award-winning text-books and technical guides, and compiling and presenting our open-source essay series Nothing To Hide, which offers comprehensive arguments from experts to explain why people have used and loved leather for millennia.

The World Leather team works every day to provide news and meaningful content to everyone connected to the global leather sector. The magazine comes out six times a year. In addition, more than 100 news stories go onto our website each month and we also publish Leatherbiz Weekly, an electronic newsletter, every Tuesday. Every fortnight, the newsletter leads with The Leather Pipeline, an exclusive market intelligence commentary that tracks important industry developments and places them in a global political and economic context. In 2019 we launched the World Leather Podcast. Each of these products reaches thousands of readers and listeners.

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