WWF – The Role Leather Has to Play against Deforestation.

How leather can contribute in deforestation

WWF published a report how the leather industry has a role to play in the fight again deforestation. The conclusion of the report is:

Leather is an important by product of cattle production with a rich history. Its durability and versatility make it a desirable material across a variety of industries. Rising beef consumption globally means hides will continue to exist in the market and if they are not used for leather, they often go to waste, creating methane while sitting in a landfill.

The leather industry has the opportunity to step up and bolster efforts to eliminate deforestation and conversion. By collaborating with the beef industry on DCF (deforestation and conversion-free) efforts, leather purchasing companies can use their leverage to drive change and accelerate protection of at-risk habitats.

To read the full report click HERE.