De Caro

Founded in 2009 De Caro Ledermanufaktur was founded first as a workshop to manufacture tailor-made shoe uppers. In 2015 a move to Basel saw the expansion into leathergoods.

LN: Please describe the activity of your company / work

In my studio I first and foremost design and manufacture handbags. My customers choose a suitable model from my offer that I then make according to their desires regarding colour and the inner parts, for example. I also repair leather goods and thus, see to the preservation and continued use of old things.

LN: How would you describe your passion for Leather? Why is it such a unique material?

I preferably work with leather because I love the touch of this material. Leather is a natural material and can be manufactured in countless variations of colour, thickness, surface. It’s pleasantly warm to touch, long-living and can be soft or robust. And it’s malleable. Leather has raised my interested as of my apprenticeship as a shoe maker and never since disappointed me.

LN: Can you tell us about your brand

My articles have a simple and clear form. They are being carefully hand-made from high-quality materials. They stand for an explicit imagery, for longevity and for the attention to detail.

LN: What is your mission?

To manufacture long-living products that serve their purpose. I stand for slow fashion, for slow consuming. I want my products to be used, to be companions for a long time.

LN: What are your future plans?

I will expand my skills, the exchange with other manufacturers in the same field is essential and rewarding. My product range is constantly expanding.