Dominika Pluska

What excites me the most in the work creation process with leather is the element of surprise.

Can you say something about the history of your company or your work, what inspired you to enter this field?

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family. My parents ran a shoe factory, which unfortunately did not survive the economic changes and digital transformation. In 2015, I decided to move to Switzerland, where I studied Design Management of which sustainability was a big part. After my parents’ factory closed down, my father gave me a bag made from leftover leather, inspiring the idea to create the PLUSKA brand, where each bag is made of upcycled leather and not only represents timeless design, but also gratitude to the makers.

Describe the activity of your company / work

Lean manufacturing
Each of PLUSKA bag is meticulously crafted to order in our trusted local workshop, with a focus on limiting excess and waste through Lean Manufacturing. This means that every handbag is a sovereign piece of work, receiving several hours of manual labor from our talented and hardworking leathercraft makers.

Environmentally responsible
We utilize upcycled small leather scraps that would otherwise go to waste in the industrial mass production process. We actively repurchase these scraps from other leather apparel factories in Europe, where proper waste management is lacking. By transforming these discarded materials into luxurious and timeless fashion pieces, we cater to conscious consumers who value both style and environmental responsibility.

Socially responsible
At PLUSKA, we are more than just a brand; we are a community that values the skills and contributions of every individual. Our bags are manufactured by re-employed craftsmen and craftswomen over the age of 50, who have faced challenges due to automation and digitization in the labor market. By collaborating with them, we provide a sense of belonging and appreciation, making them an essential part of our mission.

How would you describe your passion for Leather? Why is it such a unique material?

I grew up in the shoe factory and I remember the smell of leather just like my favourite dish cooked by my grandmother. 

What excites me the most in the work creation process with this material is the element of surprise. I embark on daring experiments, and from the most unexpected endeavours emerge truly unique designs. It’s the joy of transforming a piece that may have started as a loss into something extraordinary, cherished, and one-of-a-kind for its owner.

At the heart of my brand is the belief in embracing uniqueness. Just as each of us has a distinct story, so does each PLUSKA bag. In my work, I draw inspiration from life experiences, recognizing that sometimes, it takes loss to find something anew and appreciate it even more.

Tell us about your brand

We pride ourselves on breaking away from fleeting fashion trends and seasonal dictates. Instead, we pour our creativity into crafting the most unique and timeless pieces.

The key to the timelessness of our designs lies not just in our creative ideas but also in the meticulous selection of materials, especially our high-quality leather. Each PLUSKA bag is an exquisite work of art, designed to withstand the test of time and become an enduring part of our customers’ personal style.

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