180 creative people from all around the world came together for HOT-SHOP 16


HOT-SHOP, ECCO’s annual four-day workshop designed to challenge conventional leather creation, was all about culinary discoveries. Not food-based, but leather-based. The aim was to put a leather-based culinary dinner on the table throughout the event. This includes a starter, main and dessert.

Leather Naturally got the opportunity to witnessed this unique event for 1 day.

Step into ECCO HOT-SHOP 16 and you will be immersed in an atmosphere of creativity and craftsmanship. Here, 180 creative designers, artists, leather technicians, material specialist and so many more from all over the world came together, to think completely out of the box, without restrictions and where they could be 100 per cent themselves.


The vibes in this temporary creative hub felt amazing. The designers were divided into small groups and guided by 1 or more Ecco specialists. Each group received a box with ingredients that could be used to create the right leather dish. E.g. Organic – natural pigments, organic oils, organic butter, organic flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables, natural tanning powders and indigo (dyestuff). Through brainstorming sessions and ideas, a concrete plan was forged to start with the appetiser for each group. And the word No and this can’t be possible doesn’t exist. Anything is possible and the machines to make this creative leather dish were at the designers’ disposal.

Whether you are talking about designing, creating, cooking or leather-making – the art of creation is all about mixing the right ingredients in just the right quantities at the perfect time.


Credits: Ecco