Interview: Greyder L A B

Two years ago, the shoe brand GREYDER L A B was founded to make the world a little better with a product that almost everyone uses every day: shoes.

Now we are launching a funky shoe collection made from coffee scraps, sugar cane, Mediterranean plastic bottles, recycled cotton, car tires and Leather Working Group leather in 22 countries.

LN: What does the label say? - What does this mean?

The world is changing, let’s change the world! – Because #WECARE. With this philosophy, the GREYDER L A B brand does much more than just make cool, affordable shoes that are sustainable. Their Forest Fund will plant 10,000 trees this spring. And shoes left over from collections, just as good and beautiful as shoes in the store but normally thrown away as trash, are given to refugees fleeing the civil war in Eritrea.

“The era of simply selling shoes is over. In this uncertain and polarized world, people are looking for meaning, connection and warmth. Taking care of each other and our natural environment is the only way, also looking at my own children,” says Creative Director Rob Willems.

LN: tell us some more about your shoes

We care about originality and personality. Therefore our shoes are designed and developed to leave an impression: a beautiful way to express yourself and be yourself with every step you take. Our shoes are also designed and developed to feel good. From the shapes and colours to the textures and footprint. So funky equals fun key.

LN: you say we care about your feet and durability, tell us more

The shoes stand out through crazy comfort thanks to self-developed lasts – decades of craftsmanship given from one generation to the next. Together with our removable footbeds made of ‘memory foam plus’ a guarantee for happy feet – even after a long day.

LN: you care about resources and pollution, how do you feel about the sustainability of your shoes?

We use recycled and organic materials. Tires,coffee wast, cotton, cork, plastic bottles, sugar cane, pineappl leaves and even cactus – up to 90% of a shoe. When recycled or organic materials are not an option, we use leather from Leather Working Group (LWG) suppliers as we are an official LWG-brand. With this we save huge amounts of water and energy every year.

LN: can you give us more information about your Forest Fund as you care about people and the planet

A GREYDER L A B Forest Fund has been established to preserve, maintain or restore nature. Therefore we donate a part of our own margin to the Fund. From the perspective People R Human we look at people in need and how to help them with what we do and make. So we give shoes to refugees.